Have been married for 71 years wife died of coronavirus with a difference of five days: People: From life: Lenta.ru

Elderly couple from the UK have lived together for 71 years and died of coronavirus with a difference of five days. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Residents of the English County of West Sussex, 91-year-old Pat wood (Pat Wood) and her 94-year-old husband Ron (Ron), at the same time contracted the coronavirus, and is in the hospital. Initially they were in different offices, but soon they were transferred to a single room. “Their beds put close together so that they can be together. They were holding hands, while Pat died in his sleep. Ron died five days after her,” told Nikki Evans (Nikki Evans), and their daughter.

The woman regrets that because of the quarantine she had to communicate with his parents via video link. She thanked the doctors and nurses because they took care of her parents in their final days of life. Evans reported that on Monday, June 8, the couple was buried together in their hometown.

Earlier it was reported about 100-year-old couple from USA, who lived together for 76 years and died of coronavirus with a difference in two weeks. Infection they picked up in the nursing home.

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