Have 5 cameras, these are the prices and specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

JOURNAL ARENASamsung Galaxy z lipat 2 is a smartphone that is considered unique. The reason Samsung Galaxy z lipat 2 has a very foldable screen sophisticated.

Besides, it is Samsung Galaxy z lipat 2 the higher ones have five camera attached three rear cameras on the back.

The rear camera consists of a 12MP ultra wide-angle camera, a 12MP wide-angle camera and a 12MP telephoto lens. Photo and video quality takes priority with the availability of Pro Video, Single Take, Bright Night and Night modes.

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So far two camera others are on the front of the screen, namely the cover screen camera in the form of a 10MP selfie camera, the front camera is a 10MP selfie camera.

Samsung Galaxy z lipat 2 currently crowned as HP Samsung the most expensive at the moment. Available in two color choices, Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze, price Samsung Galaxy z lipat 2 priced at IDR 33,888,000.

Buyers will also get Galaxy Buds Live worth IDR 2,599,000, along with Premier services supported by Samsung Care + for 1 year worth Rp. 2,739,000 which protects the device from damage, whether accidental or due to liquid exposure.

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For article content, they use a refresh rate of 11 Hz, between 24 and 120 Hz for video and between 48 Hz to 120 Hz for games. This refresh rate is double that of the Galaxy Fold at 60Hz.

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