Technology Have 3 Jumbo Rear Camera, This is the Leakage...

Have 3 Jumbo Rear Camera, This is the Leakage Appearance & Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 20


TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – Have 3 camera behind Jumbo, here’s a leak sighting & specification HP Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Towards the mid to late 2020, Samsung still seems to have not stopped launching its newest gadget.

After releasing the Samsung Galaxy S20, as usual Samsung will release the latest Note version.

Various leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 were circulating on social media and various technology media.

This time it was reported from GSMArena, a gadget leak on Twitter showing the appearance of the back side of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 in black is shown in a photo from @JimmyIsPromo.

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Galaxy Note 20.” width=”750″ height=”500″ loading=”lazy” />Samsung Galaxy Note 20. (XDA Developers)

This photo of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is a plain black model with a glossy color finish.

Look at the back side of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 three camera which has an unusual size.

Mentioned from several third sources camera that is camera main, periscope zoom, and the possibility of Space Zoom like in the Galaxy S20 Ultra.


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