Håvard Lilleheie, Celebrity | Håvard Lilleheie reveals diagnosis: – Has said no to medication

Håvard Lilleheie believes that the ADHD diagnosis has put things in perspective.

In Saturday’s episode of “An evening at Kloppen” on TV 2 is actor and comedian Håvard Lilleheie (47), TV profile Vegard Harm (24) and doctor Kaveh Rashidi (37) dinner guests at Solveig Kloppen’s (49) in Tåsen Hageby in Oslo.

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DINNER: Vegard Harm, Håvard Lilleheie and Kaveh Rashidi are Saturday’s guests in “An evening at Kloppen”.
Photo: TV 2

The former has a long career behind him on the TV screen, and was last seen in the TV 2 success «Kompani Lauritzen», where viewers constantly got to witness a somewhat whimsical Lilleheie.

Around the dinner table at Kloppen, the 47-year-old says that he has always been characterized by the fact that his brain often chooses the last impulse – and that he can thus quickly forget everything else.

In adulthood, he has received a diagnosis that explains much of this, he says in the program.

– I have been diagnosed with ADHD, he says.

  • Watch Lilleheie talk about the diagnosis in the video at the top of the case!

Click on the image to enlarge.  ADHD: Actor and comedian Håvard Lilleheie says a lot has fallen into place since he was diagnosed.

ADHD: Actor and comedian Håvard Lilleheie says a lot has fallen into place since he was diagnosed.
Photo: TV 2

– Puts things a little more in perspective

According to Lilleheie, being diagnosed has given many answers.

– That’s all right, that. It puts things a little more in perspective, that there is a reason why you are like that and that some things are difficult, the 47-year-old says frankly around the table at Kloppen.

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According to Norwegian Health Informatics ADHD is divided into two main types.

While one is inattention, the other is hyperactive behavior and impulsivity.

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In adults, a hallmark of ADHD is often prioritization problems – starting and ending tasks. In many cases, one is disorganized, restless and easy to distract, according to NHI. Lilleheie and her boyfriend, Randi Liodden (32), have found a good solution to the former challenge.

They have in fact ordered name tags that are attached to everything Lilleheie owns, so that things will be in order if it disappears.

ADHD: In “An evening at Kloppen”, Håvard Lilleheie tells candidly about why he does not want to be medicated.
Photo: TV 2

Will not be medicated

According to NHI Medications can relieve the symptoms of ADHD, but they do not cure the condition.

As a treatment, many adults may benefit from being medicated with methulphenidate, better known by the names Ritalin, Equasym and Concerta in this country. It is the most commonly used medication in the treatment of ADHD today.

Have you seen this clip? Bent Høie is moved to tears by her husband’s surprise in “An evening at Kloppen”:

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However, Lilleheie has chosen not to be medicated.

– I have said no to medication, he says in “An evening at Kloppen” and explains the background for this:

– I think I just have to function as I am. So I do not think I want it. Then I will be something else.

Lilleheie is aware that Nettavisen covers the case, but has not had the opportunity to contribute with further comments.

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