Hassan has significantly improved her world record in the 10,000-meter run

Dutch endurance player Sifan Hassan set a world record of 10,000 meters at a meeting in Hengel. With a time of 29: 06.82 minutes, she surpassed the performance of the Ethiopian woman Almaz Ayana by almost 11 seconds, who in 2016 won the Olympic gold medal in Rio de Janeiro with a performance of 29: 17.45.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

At that time, Ayana erased from the record tables, 14 seconds worse, the time of the Chinese Wang Junsia, who resisted for 23 long years. Thanks to that, she was declared the best athlete in the world.

The reigning world champion on the 1,500 and 10,000 meters has also improved Hassan’s own European record by almost half a minute, which she set in Hengel last October.

In Sunday’s race, the 28-year-old native of Ethiopia had no competition. She defeated Kenyan Irina Kimais in the second in the finish by a minute and a half. Behind the record time, Hassan was also driven by a partially crowded auditorium, which could accommodate up to 10,000 spectators at the Fanny Blankers-Koen Games’ decision by the Dutch authorities. The stadium has a capacity of 15,000 seats.

“I’ve always dreamed of running this world here in Hengel. I’m glad to share it with my Dutch fans. The hard work we put into preparation for Tokyo has been confirmed,” said Hassan, who has so far won the Olympic medals in the collection. miss.

For Hassan, this is the third world record on the track. The year before in Monaco, the best time of all time was one mile, and last year in Brussels in the watch.

Development of the world record for women in the 10,000 meter run:
32: 17.2 – Yelena Sipatova (USSR), September 19, 1981, Moscow
31: 35.3 – Mary Decker (USA), July 16, 1982, Eugene
31: 35.01 – Ludmila Baranov (USSR), May 29, 1983, Krasnodar
31: 27,58 – Raisa Sadrejdin (USSR), September 7, 1983, Odessa
31: 13.78 – Olga Bondarenkova (USSR), June 24, 1984, Kiev
30: 59.42 – Ingrid Kristiansen (Norway), July 27, 1985, Oslo
30: 13.74 – Ingrid Kristiansen (Norway), July 5, 1986, Oslo
29: 31.78 – Wang Junsia (China), September 8, 1993, Beijing
29: 17.45 – Almaz Ayana (Ethiopia), August 12, 2016, Rio de Janeiro
29: 06.82 – Sifan Hassan (Netherlands), June 6, 2021, Hengelo

The fourth Lada Vondrová finished in the 400 meters run. The 21-year-old Czech national team improved this year’s maximum to exactly 52 seconds. Belgian Cynthia Boling won for 51.16.



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