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CRISIS TIME: Dag-Eilev Fagermo and Vålerenga are in a bad period in the Elite Series.

The Vålerenga management is criticized for the work done with the player logistics. After twelve series rounds, Dag-Eilev Fagermo’s team is in a deplorable 14th place.


Just updated

0-1 at home against Odd at Intility was Vålerenga’s seventh straight game without a win in the Eliteserien. After the match, coach Fagermo was ready to speak about the status of the club in June 2022:

– This is a crisis for a club like Vålerenga. There is nothing to explain away either. But if we had not created something, it would have been much further ahead. I have not experienced such adversity as a coach before, he said VG.

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Petter Bø Tosterud, football expert at Discovery, believes Fagermo has not performed as expected.

– It is terribly far below what is expected of Vålerenga as a club. Fagermo was to come in and stabilize Vålerenga as a top club. He definitely has not managed that, says Tosterud.

– Totally missed

Tosterud points to the previous transition market to Vålerenga as a reason for the weak performance.

– They have missed the transition market. (Brynjar) Bjarnason, who sat on the bench yesterday, has not been involved in raising the team. Hedenstad has not been a huge boost either. While (Aron) Dønnum and (Taofeek) Ismaheel have not been the success they themselves had believed in Valle, he believes.

Football expert on TV 2, Yaw Ihle Amankwah, shares the same thoughts as Tosterud about the transitions the club has made.

MERCYLY: Yaw Ihle Amankwah is ruthless in his speech about the transitions Vålerenga has made this season.

– They have missed completely and Bjarnason is the crowning example of that. It is without a doubt the biggest toll signing of the year, he says to VG.

Sports manager in Vålerenga, Joacim Jonsson, writes in an SMS to VG that the performance has been very disappointing and far too poor. In addition, he responds to the criticism of the transfers – which was made before he took up the position as sports manager in the club:

– They will have a different view of the transition market when we write 1 September.

The way forward

Tosterud believes that Vålerenga has performed somewhat better than the point catch indicates. Nevertheless, he is clear on what he thinks about Fagermo’s future at the club.

– If they do not beat Kristiansund in the next match, I think that Fagermo should go or be told to leave their post. They have to get a “boost” from that KBK match, he says.

UNCERTAIN: According to the experts, Dag-Eilev Fagermo is facing an uncertain time.

Amankwah thinks Vålerenga is a bit reminiscent of the Brann team last year, which ended with relegation for the Bergen team. He sees the future of Fagermo from two sides.

– What speaks for him having to go is that it looks like it has gone completely to waste. It is a very difficult situation to be in as a coach, he says and continues:

– On the other hand, I refuse to believe that Fagermo has become a bad coach overnight, but sometimes it can be difficult to turn it around.

Vålerenga’s next matches are at home against Bodø / Glimt in the third round of the cup on Wednesday, before the bottom team Kristiansund comes to Intility on 10 July.

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