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– I have a new life, a kind of new chance in life, says Grzegorz Mazur.

When he drove between Sunnfjord and Bergen yesterday, suddenly a one ton heavy rock fell from the tunnel roof inside the Trodal tunnel in the Masfjord.

The car was completely smashed, and large parts of the roof were broken. Virtually just the roof over the driver’s seat was not hit.

The 41-year-old thought a lamp had fallen from the ceiling. Soon after, he smelled a strange odor. Then he looked behind him, at the gaping hole in the car.

– I shook my hands, but it was not the time to panic, says Mazur.

Had there been someone in the back seat of the car, they would not have survived.

Photo: Therese Pisani / NRK


The car was completely smashed, and large parts of the roof were broken.

Photo: Therese Pisani / NRK

Gregorz Mazur's car with a new passenger, stone.

Gregorz Mazur suddenly got a new passenger as he drove through the Trodal tunnel.

Photo: Private


Grzegorz Mazur thought a lamp had fallen from the ceiling.

Photo: Therese Pisani / NRK

Drove myself out of the tunnel

Mazur did not want to stop in the tunnel, and therefore drove out on the other side before stopping the car. He estimates that he may have driven about 300 meters.

He praises the first others who were in town.

– They were very kind people. They helped me come to myself. I’m happy about that, says Mazur.

– Did you have an angel guard?

– Yes. I am a Catholic and believe in God.

Would pick up the residents

Mazur was on his way to Flesland airport to pick up the children Karolina (19) and Jakub (14). They had come from Poland, and were to test themselves for the corona when their mother called.

– She did not tell me trong to stress with time, but that it went well with dad after the accident, says Karolina Mazur.

When she saw a picture of the car, she wanted to laugh.

– But I thought I had to show that I was a little strong, and not laugh in front of my little brother. Afterwards I went to the bathroom and branch, says Karolina.

Karolina Mazur (19), Martina (16) and Jakub (14) -

HAPPY: Born tv Karolina (19), Martina (16) and youngest son Jakub (14) are all happy dad came home unscathed.

Photo: Sunniva Grimstad Hestenes / NRK

Check the tunnels on the way home all the time

A friend of the family offered to pick up Jakub and Karolina. Despite what happened, Grzegorz wanted to do it himself.

On the E39 between Førde and Bergen there are many tunnels.

– I saw all the time and checked the roof in the tunnels, since I had the family with me, says Grzegorz.

“Every time I drove into the tunnel I got a suction in my stomach, and several times a tear in the corner of my eye,” says Karolina.

Daughter Martina (16) was not from Sunnfjord to pick up the siblings. One of the stones that hit the car ended up in the passenger seat.

– It is better not to think about what could have happened if I had had someone in the family with me when the accident happened, says Grzegorz.

Will be more with the family

– What are you going to use your new life for?

– I will definitely spend more time with the family, and not be so much at work and out, says Grzegorz.

Daughter Karolina thinks the family has gained a new perspective on life after the accident.

– We should look more for quarters, and take better was on quarters. No one knows what might happen one day. Everything is temporary, she says.

Grzegorz Mazur with the young Martina (16), Jakub (14) and Karolina (19)

THINK: Grzegorz does not want to think about what could have happened if the family was with him in the car.

Photo: Sunniva Grimstad Hestenes / NRK


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