has deleted millions of videos at a stroke

A research article published by the NYT Last week, PornHub, the porn content platform par excellence, has now eliminated more than half of its catalog. In an attempt to improve company policy, they have disposed of any video that did not come from a verified user. Of more than 13 million videos, barely 3 million remain.

The controversy arose last week when different stories came to light about how the platform allows videos to be uploaded without the authorization of the people who appear in them. PornHub works in a similar way to YouTubeSo even though someone may claim a video be removed, no one is preventing 10 others from uploading it again. Sometimes with minors involved.

One of the first steps PornHub took to remedy this is not allow anyone else to upload videos if you are not a verified user. The verified users in principle cease to be anonymous and have more legal responsibilities, so they do not upload videos that go against the policies of the web. This, in principle, solves that unauthorized videos are uploaded and resubmitted.

In the PornHub statements indicate that they will differentiate themselves from other platforms requiring that uploaded content be from verified users. Something that “platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter have not yet established,” according to them. The verification process on PornHub however is not very exhaustive. According to the website, a verified user is one who has sent a photograph of himself with his name written on a piece of paper.

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Cut to the chase

But prohibiting the upload of unverified users has not been enough, the presence of content that may go against the laws such as videos with minors or violations in a certain way could continue to be present on PornHub. AND, as much as they have people checking the content, it is not enough to review millions of videos. Hence, MasterCard and partly Visa blocked operations and payments with PornHub.

Screenshot 1Screenshot 1 Currently PornHub shows 2,913,341 available videos. About 10 million less than a day ago.

The solution from PornHub? Cut to the chase. Have Suddenly erased all the videos that were in its catalog and were not uploaded by a verified user. A big, bold move for one of the world‘s largest porn content websites that was essentially based on anyone being able to upload videos for free.

The change has caused millions of videos disappear from the platform at once. 24 hours ago PornHub had more than 13 million videos according to the platform’s own search engine. Right now that number is varying and showing 5 million, 7 million or sometimes even 2 million. In other words, it is not clear how many videos have been removed, although it is certainly a considerable number and possibly at least half of those that were.

The videos have not actually been permanently deleted. They have become locked for review. When trying to view one of them, a message appears indicating that the video “has been marked for verification in accordance with our trust and security policy”.

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