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Harvey Weinstein, who is due to appear in court next Monday for being charged with sexual abuse and sexual harassment by over eighty women, expects that after a positive course of the case he can continue his career in the film industry. The film producer says in an interview with CNN “like to do something good”.

If Weinstein is not found guilty, he first wants to spend time on his children and health, he says in a written interview with the news channel. He would then like to produce films again.

“It will take some work to return,” says Weinstein. “But it is my intention to do something good and that I can create worlds that can entertain and comfort others.”

In Monday’s criminal case, he is accused of raping a woman in a hotel. He would also have tried to satisfy orally a production assistant against her will.

In the past, Weinstein signed for numerous blockbusters and Oscar-winning films. His career fell into disrepair in 2017 when stories were published of over eighty women who accused him of sexual abuse and intimidation. This involved actresses and female colleagues.

“Media has caused misconceptions”

According to them, Weinstein made sure that they did not receive roles or assignments or were otherwise thwarted when they did not respond to his advances. Weinstein reportedly hired lawyers and private investigators to ensure that they did not drop out of school.

Once the ghost was out of the bottle, Weinstein unwittingly became the face of the # metoo movement. This ensured that a worldwide discussion started. More and more women talked about their negative experiences with men who used a dominant position to make them dance to their pipes and / or sexually intimidate or abuse them.

According to Weinstein, the media have spread untruths about these charges. “The biggest misconceptions have been caused by the assumptions made by the media,” he says. “That’s all I can say about this now.”

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