Harvey Weinstein appealed his sentence

Former film producer Harvey Weinstein, who was sentenced in March last year to 23 years in prison for sexual aggression, is appealing his sentence, arguing that his right to defense has not been respected, BTA quoted AFP as saying.

The appeal was filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York. In it, Weinstein’s lawyers claim that several women were given the right to testify at the trial about their client’s alleged aggression, provided that the statute of limitations had expired or that the facts were insufficiently supported by evidence to justify prosecution. .

Six women testified at the trial, saying the former Hollywood mogul had sexually assaulted them. And if Weinstein was accused of assault and aggression by nearly 90 women, he was tried in New York in only two cases – rape in 2013 and forced oral love in 2006.

In the complaint, Weinstein’s lawyers also claim that among the members of the jury was the author of a book about men behaving like sexual predators towards young women, which compromised the impartiality of this juror during the trial.

The lawyers also expressed dissatisfaction that they could not call experts in sexual aggression as witnesses until the accusation succeeded.

According to the lawyers, the judge in the case imposed an excessively severe sentence on the former producer because he was known and for mediating the case.

Weinstein has been formally charged by prosecutors in Los Angeles with raping and aggression against five other women. He is serving a prison sentence in New York State. There will be a court hearing on April 12 on whether to send him to Los Angeles for the new case.

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