Haru, the son of a North Moluccan farmer, becomes a police candidate: Thank you, police chief

Ambon, CNN Indonesia

Sulastri Irwan, son of a farmer of the Sula Islands, Northern Moluccas qualified to become a second cohort of Polri student NCO candidates in 2022. She had dropped as a female police candidate (policewoman), although the decision was ultimately reversed.

North Maluku Regional Police Chief Inspector Midi Siswoko announced the acceptance of Sulastri as a Polwan candidate through a press conference held at the North Maluku Police Headquarters on Monday (14/11). Sulastri’s acceptance was made after the National Police HQ added the fee for prospective students (frame) for the North Maluku Regional Police.

After the announcement of her graduation, Sulastri could not hide her emotion. She expressed her gratitude to National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo and Regional Police Chief Inspector General Midi Siswoko for giving her the opportunity to become a policewoman.

“I, Sulastri Irwan, and my extended family would like to thank the Chief of National Police and the Chief of Regional Police of North Maluku for the opportunity to become members of Bakomsus for Health. Once again we thank you,” Sulastri said at the meeting at North Maluku Police Headquarters on Monday (14/11).

The same thing was communicated by Rahima Melani Hanafi, the chassis that finished IV and who had previously been called to replace Sulastri. He also thanked the Chief of the National Police and the Chief of the Regional Police for the opportunity that was offered to him.

“Thank you for welcoming us to add a quota in 2023,” he said.

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Separately, Sulastri’s legal adviser, Bahtiar Husni, apologized and thanked the national police chief and regional police chief who made a wise decision.

“Thank you, thank you again, because this is what the big Sulastri Irwan family wishes for,” he said.

Previously, Sulastri had not accepted the decision by the North Moluku police to abort her as a police candidate. She claimed that she ranked third according to Pantuk’s final announcement on July 2, 2022. She also passed all stages of female police officer selection.

After the announcement of her graduation, Sulastri started actively participating in the demonstration at the North Maluku Regional Police.

However, he was suddenly summoned by HR and given an explanation that he was past the age limit in August 2022. Sulastri said he had more than 1 month and 21 days, as of the opening of education on July 25, 2022.

North Moluku Police Chief Inspector General Pol Midi Siswoko apologized for this case. He said that this problem was caused by a data entry error.

“On behalf of the national police institute, especially the North Maluku Regional Police, we apologize,” the regional police chief said via Chief Public Relations Commissioner (Pol) Michael Irwan on Friday (11/11). Thamsil.


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