Haru Iriana Jokowi’s Moment Hugs War Victims in Ukraine, Floods of Praise


Indonesian President Joko Widodo with his wife, Iriana Jokowi visited Kyiv, Ukraine, to carry out a peacekeeping mission in the country at war with Russia. Jokowi and Iriana departed by train from Poland with several of their entourage on June 28, 2022.

In Ukraine, Jokowi and Iriana were seen visiting several war-affected places and hospitals there. Visit Iriana Jokowi The hospital that treated war victims seemed to be immortalized and uploaded to Jokowi’s Twitter account.

“We just visited a hospital in Kyiv city center treating war victims. On that occasion, the First Lady symbolically handed over humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian Center for Endocrine Science and Surgery, Organ Transplantation and Endocrine Tissue,” the caption reads.

Not to forget Jokowi also included a photo of the emotional moment when Iriana was hugging one of the war victims there. Iriana, wearing a blue long-sleeved t-shirt, a white hijab and a face mask, stands while hugging a woman who was a victim of the war in Ukraine.

The war victim was seen sitting on a bed with a very sad facial expression. The two of them hugged each other quite tightly. The touching moment of Iriana’s meeting with the victims of the war, which later managed to steal the attention of netizens.

To date, the upload has received 1.2 thousand retweets, 7.4 thousand likes, and various comments. Not a few who praise the treatment Iriana Jokowi that.

“So touched to see Mrs. Iriana hugging and comforting war victims. Hopefully peace will soon be realized with Pak Jokowi’s diplomatic efforts,” commented one netizen.

“It gives me goosebumps to see our First Lady being embraced by Ukrainian citizens… hopefully all teams are safe and return to their homeland with the results of a successful mission… #banggajokowiiriana,” added another netizen.

“I am proud of the courage of Iriana’s mother.. the first woman in the world to enter the country again tense with war..” wrote another comment.

Not only attracting the attention of Indonesian netizens, the upload also seems to have succeeded in attracting the attention of world netizens. Several netizens from other countries seemed to have contributed to their comments.

“Thank you! It means a lot to every Ukrainian people,” commented another netizen who owns the Twitter account @Good_Bad in English.

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