Harry Sacksioni has his stolen guitar back after fifty years | Stars

An unknown man, who according to Sacksioni did not want to tell how he got the guitar, recently stood at the door of the guitarist in Lienden and asked him to walk with him to the trunk of his car. “And suddenly I see my Gretsch,” Sacksioni tells Broadcasting Gelderland. “He says, ‘This is your Gretsch from 1970.’ I recognized him immediately.”

The Gretsch that Sacksioni lost in 1972.

The Gretsch that Sacksioni lost in 1972.

Seventy-year-old Sacksioni never took the guitar to gigs, but did play it during studio sessions. Nearly fifty years ago, on the day the Gretsch was stolen from his home, the guitarist and his wife had been visited by a German the couple had been “friends”. “The visit was very nice, but after that I was never able to reach him again. Then you know enough.”

It will be a while before Sacksioni can use his guitar again. “The guitar was in a bad state. All electronics were oxidized. I’m going to take it to the guitar shop, someone who knows a lot about these guitars, and he’s going to completely overhaul it.”


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