Harry reveals he killed 25 Taliban in Afghanistan… and The Telegraph: he fears he may be targeted

Prince Harry, son of the British monarch, said he killed 25 people during his second trip to Afghanistan, according to his diaries.

Harry said, according to the Telegraph newspaper, that he has flown, as a pilot, six missions that have resulted in the killing of human beings, which he feels neither proud nor ashamed of.

And he wrote to us his diary Which will be released next week with the title Replacementbut it leaked to Spain, who in the heat of battle thought of the number 25 not as people, but as chess pieces that he had to remove from the board.

Harry, 38, discussed for the first time how many Taliban fighters he had personally killed in his military service, which is likely to add to concerns about his personal safety.

The Telegraph newspaper said the duke had long been considered a target for terrorists, not only because of his royal status but also because he participated twice in the war in Afghanistan, which made him a target for terrorist organisations. .

Last year, Harry took legal action over the UK Home Office’s decision not to provide him and his family with full police protection during his visit to Britain, his lawyer said that he “doesn’t feel safe” when in the UK, having lost taxpayer-funded security when he and his wife abandoned their royal duties.

The 410-page book reveals the bitterness Harry feels at the way he is being treated by his family and airs a number of grievances about the Queen, the Queen Consort and the Prince and Princess of Wales.

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