Harry Potter star collapses at King’s Cross station, confirmed deceased as Paul Grant

London/DUR/acs – Actor Paul Grant is dead. The successful actor collapsed in front of King’s Cross station in London on Thursday. When he was taken to a clinic, it was already too late: the doctors declared him brain dead. His family told The Sun that life support machines were turned off on Sunday.

Actor Paul Grant dies – Known from “Harry Potter” and “Star Wars”

Paul Grant is best known for his appearances in Harry Potter and Star Wars. The actor, who was considered to be of short stature at 1.32 meters tall, played a leprechaun in the first Harry Potter film Philosopher’s Stone. He also portrayed a goblin in two film adaptations of “Fantastic Beasts”.

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In Star Wars “Return of the Jedi” Paul Grant embodied an Ewok – a member of the primitive people of the forest moon Endor.

Having appeared several times in the “Harry Potter” universe, it is all the more tragic that Paul Grant collapsed right in front of King’s Cross station in London and subsequently lost his life. In the Harry Potter stories, platform 9 ¾ of London’s famous King’s Cross station is where the train to Hogwarts, the school of witchcraft and wizardry, departs.

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Paul Grant’s family mourn the death of the actor

Paul Grant’s daughter Sophie Jayne, 28, says: “My father was a legend in so many ways. He always put a smile and a laugh on everyone’s face. My father, I love you so much, sleep well.”

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Grant’s life partner Maria Dwyer (64) also mourns: “Paul was the love of my life. The funniest man I know. He made my life complete. Life will never be the same without him.”

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