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entertainment">“At the beginning of this year gave Harry Mens still recommend that he replace it Matthijs van Nieuwkerk could take over. He has no lack of blind ambition. Meanwhile, with his parody of a talk show, he has managed to keep going for over twenty years and to fill his pockets. With an audience that is as loyal as it is uncritical, plus a script written by him himself, with questions fired in completely random order, he sometimes manages to score an unintentional looseness among politicians or nouveau riche, but in general painful situations dominate, such as with the ‘Moroccans‘from a chef present and incomprehensible discussions with the invariably grumpy Willem van Hanegem”Reads the jury report.

entertainment">As Mens in his oeuvre prize RTL Boulevard he immediately wonders whether it is intended to be satirical. “They just figure it out, I think it’s fine”, he responds somewhat angry. “People watch every Sunday and that’s what matters to me.” He certainly does not like the price and he certainly does not understand that he is seen as the worst presenter. “No, it is not!” He says firmly. “It’s not true.”

The Hit Kwis

entertainment">The AVROTROS program De Hit Kwis has been voted the worst TV program of the year. The show with Romy Monteiro in Kees Tol was unanimously chosen by the jury. The Hit Kwis was shown on the old timeslot of last summer The world moves on but did not become a viewing success. The music program regularly attracted less than 300,000 viewers.

entertainment">The jury calls it ‘a collective breach of contract’ by the NPO and producer. “It seems as if this lousy program has been hastily put together and they just managed to find the last two available presenters. NPO unworthy. To broadcast this on DWDD’s time slot is downright sacrilege. ”

Jan de Hoop

entertainment">Jan de Hoop gets the prize for biggest TV blunder with Jan Keeps Hope (RTL 5), which was removed from the tube in November after one episode. The Divibokaal, a diversity award that has been taken over from the NOS, will be given to a talk show M from Margriet van der Linden.


entertainment">It is the second time that on the eve of the presentation of the Gouden Televizier-Ring for best program, a prize for the worst show has been awarded. Last year there was a public and jury prize: these went to respectively 6 Inside in RTL Late Night with Twan Huys.

entertainment">Kees Tol can also take revenge on Thursday. With the program Nick, Simon and Kees: Homeward Bound he is one of the last three contenders for the Ring.

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