Harry and Meghan opted for US ritual over traditional British customs, sparking criticism.

Not a word. Not a photograph. Not a measly message that linked them to the date that was celebrated throughout the United Kingdom this Sunday. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle simply ignored Mother’s Day.

Harry and Meghan will wait for May to greet the mothers

It was not surprising for those who have followed the path of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex that the couple made no mention of Mother’s Day, which in the UK it is commemorated in March during Lent.

Harry is almost a US citizen and Meghan’s presence in these kinds of circumstances weighs heavily. She celebrates Mother’s Day as usual in her country, on the second Sunday of May.and the prince considered it normal since he is living in Montecito, California, not to speak about it or remember his mother, Princess Diana.

As Harry went quiet for Mother’s Day, Kate Middleton spoke up with a gorgeous photo

Her political and emotional decision not to send even one message to all the mothers in her native England, it is a dating proof that Harry is less and less British, and that his resignation from kingship is not only a departure from royal privileges but also a departure from the historical traditions of his nation.

We will have to wait until Sunday May 14 then to find out what will be the message of the Sussexes for Mother’s Dayand it will also be very interesting to know how they react in your country to a greeting clearly out of context that the British has internalized.

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