Harley Quinn-inspired Lady Gaga dominates New York

Lady Gaga was shooting a few scenes with her character on the steps of the New York County Supreme Court in midtown Manhattan.

Lady Gaga playing Harley Quinn. Photo: Roberto Miller

There is still a long way to go before the premiere of “Joker: Folie à Deux” and the little that has come to light of the recordings has caused more expectation among moviegoers as was the filming in New York.

Lady Gaga, interpreter of Harley Quinn, was seen in the city filming some scenes for the upcoming sequel and caused quite a commotion in the place.

the scene of the multipremiada singer-songwriter filmed herself on the steps of the New York County Supreme Court in downtown Manhattan and was flanked by a troop of police officers.

Apparently the psychiatrist turned villain was allegedly leading a protestsince there was also a crowd of people at the scene and several of them had banners with the phrase “Free Joker”.

In this chance you could also see a little more of the outfit Gaga’s 36-year-old character was wearing a bright red blazer, but she also had a black and white diamond-shaped top, a signature Quinn outfit.

Quinn’s outfit also includes a black leather miniskirt and black tights with diamond patterns.

Before villain and the inseparable companion of JokerQuinn was one psychiatrist at Gothan City’s Arkham Asylum, by then calling herself Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

According to the comics, Quinzel developed a relationship with a patient, the Joker, until eventually becoming his lover and accomplice.

It is worth mentioning that before Gaga, the character was played by Margot Robbie in the tapes “The Suicide Squad” and “Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey”.

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The sequel to the critically acclaimed “The Joker” is directed by Todd Phillipswho also co-wrote the script with Scott Silver.

Joaquin Phoenix reprises his role as Arthur Fleck and “The Joker” in the sequel with Gaga, along with Zazie Beetz, who will once again play Sophie Dumond.

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