Entertainment Harden Windows 10: Safe OS thanks to professional tool

Harden Windows 10: Safe OS thanks to professional tool


The open source software currently lists around 20 changes to the system, including:

  • “Windows Scripting Host” is deactivated
  • AutoRun and AutoPlay are deactivated
  • Powershell and CMD are deactivated
  • Microsoft Office macros, ActiveX, OLE and DDE are deactivated
  • JavaScript and embedded objects in Acrobat Reaer are deactivated
  • Protected mode, Protected view and advanced security settings for Acrobat Reader are switched on
  • User account control is set to the highest level
  • File extensions and hidden files are displayed in Explorer
  • activates the Attack Surface Reduction in the Defender

So if you don’t need the Powershell, you can deactivate it. The same applies to the other functions. Important: If you want to work with macros in Office, you must of course not block their execution with the hardware tools. Readers keep coming back to us that after running the CMD or Excel tool, they no longer work properly. The remedy is to allow the functions again. To do this, simply start the hardware tools again and select the restore. Then adjust the settings to your requirements.


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