Hard message from a tennis legend: Serena, lose weight, otherwise you have no chance

He has eighteen grand slam titles at home and knows so well how difficult it is to defend his position as a tennis superstar. American legend Chris Evert is also closely following her famous successor, Serena Williams, who has so far tried in vain to equalize the record of Margaret Court, who dominated one of the Big Four tournaments in twenty-four cases. “Serena, do you want to keep up? Then lose weight,” Evert sends a message to the star compatriot.

Seth Little, ČTK / AP

At the Australian Open in 2017, Serena Williams won her 23rd grand slam title. Balancing the Australian Court record and improving it seemed like a matter of time.

However, the American woman subsequently left the tennis carousel due to maternity duties and after returning to her dream goal, she attacks in vain. It was the only win four times since his dream, but never once did it turn out.

Serena Williams will not make it to the French Open title.

Gonzalo Fuentes, Reuters

And this year? She finished in the semifinals of Victoria Azarenka at the US Open, the French Open put a stop to her due to an Achilles tendon injury in the second round. That ended the season for Williams.

It won’t work at the French Open

“I’m very worried about Serena. She’s still an excellent player, but the fact is that she’s not in the shape she should be in. If she wants to be successful, she has to be faster on the court, but she needs to lose weight. Only then can the competition be able, “Eten, 65, doesn’t spare Serena.

Hard fire of a tennis legend: Serena loses her breath, the longer the match, the worse she plays!

“Ronald Garros will probably never win the title again, he has the best chance at home at the US Open. But just last year in the match with Azarenka it turned out that Serena just didn’t have the strength and was losing physically.

And it continues. “If she manages to lose a few kilos, she will move much better on the court, she will be on the balls in time and thus she will be able to play in better angles and from more advantageous positions,” concludes Evertová.


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