Hard Code from Japan withdraws Pertamina in the Masela Block!


The Japanese government provided a fixed code so that Pertamina could enter the Abadi Field development, Block Fabrics. Previously, the Dutch oil and gas company Shell had chosen to withdraw from the project.

Now the development of the Masela project is causing difficulties for a Japanese company, Inpex, which previously worked with Shell. Now Inpex is looking for a new partner, Pertamina itself is interested in joining the Masela Block.

Director General of Natural Resources and Fuel Department of the Natural Resources and Energy Agency (ANRE) of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan, Yuki Sadamitsu, provided a code strong that Inpex and Pertamina have worked together to promote the Abadi project.

So far, in fact, there is no clarity on who will replace Shell as Inpex’s partner in the Masela Block, even if Pertamina has expressed interest in joining the project.

“In Indonesia we have Abadi Masela, Inpex is contributing to the energy security of the two countries together with Pertamina by promoting the Abadi Project,” Yuki said at the 3rd International Convention of Indonesia Upstream Oil and Gas 2022 (IOG 2022), Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, Friday (11/25/2022).

Indeed, Yuki stated that he had already mentioned the presence in the Bloc of a consortium of Japanese and Indonesian companies Fabrics. “We hope your government will also support the Japan-Indonesian Consortium,” she said.

Earlier, SKK Migas Head Dwi Soetjipto said that the Masela Block Abadi Field project was currently being visited by investors, there were already 4 companies that have expressed interest in this project. Dwi said some of them were Pertamina, Petronas from Malaysia and also PetroChina from China.

However, Dwi Soetjipto said all parties also need to coordinate with Inpex, which is currently looking for partners to work on the project. Previously, Inpex and Shell were to work on the Masela Block, but halfway through, Shell withdrew.

“It’s quite a lot, at least we have indicated that there are 3 and 4 like that. It’s just that everyone has their own needs. Inpex must cooperate,” said Dwi Soetjipto when meeting on the sidelines of the 3rd International Convention of Indonesia upstream Oil and Gas 2022 (IOG 2022), at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, Wednesday (11/23/2022).

In a working meeting at Commission VII on Wednesday November 16, Dwi Soetjipto explained that there was the possibility that Pertamina and Petronas would unite to enter the development of the Bloc. Fabrics.

“At the same time, Petronas is also interested in getting involved, if possible, it can cooperate with Pertamina in terms of changing Shell. This is Shell’s latest development,” said Dwi Soetjipto.

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