Happy Together: Cher, Kim Cattrall and Ashley Roberts boasted of young boyfriends

The 16th Glamor Women of the Year Awards took place in London. The award recognizes “extraordinary and inspiring” women in film, music, business, education, science, sports and medicine.

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As usual at such events, the merits of the winners were almost not remembered, but the “fascinating” baths were discussed to the last thread. Particularly well known was the 31-year-old pop star Rita Ora. Critics consider it the standard of high fashion. But this time, Rita has found a worthy competitor – 41-year-old former member of The Pussycat Dolls Ashley Roberts. At least her dress was no less visible.

Ashley’s mood was upbeat: 47-year-old Lewis Langley, who was pursuing her, was finally brought to justice. At the first meeting, he cheekily claimed that Rita was his girlfriend. She now has a boyfriend, director Taika Waititi, and imposters are at her throat.

Rita Ora does not hide her charm.

Sex and the City star, 66, Kim Cattrall was also honored as Glamor Woman of the Year by giving her the Screen Icon Award. The actress has been married three times and is now dating 50-year-old public speaking teacher Russell Thomas. They have been together for six years. Thus Kim will arrive at the fourth marriage. Years so up to 70.

– I feel comfortable with Russell. He has an excellent sense of humour. Plus, he’s beautiful to look at,” Kim shared in an interview with People magazine.

Ashley Roberts keeps up with fashion

By the way, the age difference between Cattrall and one of her ex-boyfriends, Canadian chef Alan Wiseley, was even greater – the lucky man turned out to be more than 20 years younger.

Kim Cattrall and Russell Thomas have been living by the principles of sex in the big city for six years

But to overcome the 76-year-old pop star and actress Cher (“The Witches of Eastwick”, “Mermaids”) Kim is not strong enough: the diva’s current lover, music producer Alexander Edwards, is only 36 years old. Cher seems to be flattered by such an alliance and goes almost everywhere with her boyfriend. So they came to the awards ceremony of the Council of Fashion Designers of America – CFDA Awards – together. And they looked like peers.

– I am extremely proud and happy for Cher. Time itself is subject to her, – Edwards shed a tear.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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