Happy New Year, you’re fired!

Gilles Debernardi. Photo Le DL / Serge IMBERT
Gilles Debernardi. Photo Le DL / Serge IMBERT

Although this Hauts-de-Seine bookseller knows no financial difficulties, Société Générale has just fired her dryly. In mistletoe the new year and take the door! Jérôme Kerviel has nothing to do with it, having left the prestigious brand for a few years already. The best are always the first to leave.

In fact, no crazy trader has blacklisted the young trader. Julie Goislard just pays for her many tweets, always correct but often acidic for her agency in Clichy.

She points out the understaffing at reception, repeated breakdowns, endless queues at the counter, dozens of unanswered telephone calls … The establishment’s “quality service” could undoubtedly have exploited such relevant remarks. Modern management, after all, willingly claims to be interactive and “listening.”

Instead, the manager immediately closes the personal and business accounts of “the hitchhiker running in circles.” Even if it means flaying its own slogan: “It’s you the future”.

Better still, the bank has no legal obligation to provide the slightest justification for “throwing away” its client. At this rate, speaking ill of La Poste digitally may quickly deprive you of factor.

You could even lose your citizenship by beating the government too much on social media. Getting sweetened with the right to vote for “bad spirit” online, that would not be lacking in salt. Nevertheless, information taken, the civic sanction would require going before a judge. This shows that a little hope remains. The arbitrariness in France has not yet conquered all market shares.

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