Happy Hypoxia Does Not Occur in OTG Patients, Don’t Wait for Shortness of Breath, Blue Lips Immediately Take it to the Hospital

SERAMBINEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Lack of oxygen levels in the blood, aka ‘Happy Hypoxia’, is now plaguing patients with Covid-19.

Lung Specialist Dr. Erlina Burhan M.Sc Sp.P said, Happy Hypoxia only occurs in patients with symptoms of Covid-19.

Erlina added, ‘Happy Hypoxia’ is not a disease that stands alone but rather a symptom or condition experienced by Covid-19 patients.

“Don’t panic Happy Hypoxia It is not found in people without symptoms (OTG) Covid-19, this happens to people with symptoms of Covid-19, it rarely occurs with OTG, “he said, Wednesday (9/16/2020).

For this reason, Erlina said it is important for every Covid-19 patient to know the symptoms of ‘Happy Hypoxia’, if it is handled late it can lead to death.

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“Do not wait for shortness of breath because there are no symptoms of shortness of breath. See just one sign immediately to the hospital,” he said.

He explained, ‘Happy Hypoxia’ is a lack of oxygen in the blood, where normal and healthy people have 95-100 percent oxygen levels in their blood. Meanwhile, only 60-70 percent were sick.

“People who lack oxygen should be suffocated, but this is not the case for some Covid-19 patients with ‘Happy Hypoxia’ symptoms.

Why? because there is damage to the nerves that deliver nerve sensors to the brain. Then the brain cannot respond to shortness of breath, the patient has no symptoms or is not short of breath, “he explained.

The Lung Doctor at the Friendship Hospital explained the signs of a Covid-19 patient experiencing it Happy Hypoxia, namely when the symptoms of Covid-19 increase, the cough persists, the body becomes weaker, the lips and fingertips turn blue.

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