Happening Again in India! Supporter of the Prophet’s Defamation Killed Sadistically


Again supporters of Indian politicians, Nupur Sharma suspected of insulting the Prophet was killed. The killer has also been arrested.

According to India TV News, the main mastermind behind the murder of a chemist Umesh Kolhe has been arrested from Nagpur. The 54-year-old man was stabbed to death in Amravati city, Maharashtra on June 21. Police suspect that the brutal killings in Maharashtra occurred after he wrote a post in support of Nupur Sharma on Facebook. He used to run a chemical shop by the name of Amit Medical Store in Amravati.

The perpetrator has been identified as Irfan Khan, owner of an NGO from Nagpur. Seven people have been arrested so far.

Amravati city police arrested Irfan Khan (32), a local resident, from Nagpur in the evening. He was suspected of plotting to kill Umesh Prahladrao Kolhe, 54, who ran a medical shop in Amravati, and tied up others. This was conveyed by the city police commissioner Dr Aarti Singh.

Previously, the police had arrested Mudassar Ahmed alias Sonu Raza Sheikh Ibrahim (22), Shahrukh Pathan alias Badshasha Hidayat Khan (25), Abdul Taufik alias Nanu Sheikh Taslim (24), Shoeb Khan alias Bhurya Sabir Khan (22), Atib Rashid Aadil Rashid . (22) and Yusuf Khan Bahadur Khan (44) in connection with the Kolhe murder. Sali said several of the defendants had witnessed Kolhe’s movements during the three days prior to the murder.

Police arrested two suspects based on CCTV footage and also confiscated the knife used in the crime.

Previously, India had also been shocked by a Hindu tailor who was beheaded. The man’s name was Kanhaiya Lal. The action is even broadcast online. The victim is alleged to have supported Nupur Sharma, who was widely criticized for insulting the prophet. The two perpetrators have been arrested.

Watch the video: India riots in the aftermath of the case of insulting the Prophet Muhammad

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