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«On behalf of the RKZ, I take the following position on the death of the world-famous theologian Hans Küng, who comes from Sursee, a small town only a few kilometers away from my village where I grew up:

Hans Küng was probably the world‘s best-known Swiss (Catholic) theologian since his advisory activity during the Second Vatican Council. He owed this to his instinct for current topics, which he took up before everyone was talking about them, the combination of scientificity and comprehensibility for interested readers and his courage to take a clear position on hot iron.

Admit women to church offices

He advocated the admission of women to ecclesiastical offices when this demand was by no means a matter of course. Although he fell out of favor under Pope John Paul II in Rome, he always remained connected to “his” church – but opened up his horizons more and more: from opening within the church to ecumenism, interreligious dialogue and business ethics to a global ethic in times of globalization.

Hans Küng saw the opportunities offered by the dual system

The three volumes of his autobiography formulate central concerns that not only characterize Hans Küng, but also point out the fundamentals of being a Christian: “Freedom fought for – controversial truth – humanity experienced”. He always saw the fact that the Catholic Church in Switzerland is partly democratically organized thanks to the dual system as an opportunity. “

Renata Asal-Steger is President of the Roman Catholic Central Conference of Switzerland and the Roman Catholic Church of the Canton of Lucerne.

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