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The Hanover-based law firm Franke, which specializes in insolvency proceedings, joined Voigt Salus in September. Johannes Franke (58) has become a new partner at Voigt Salus and is now occupying an additional seventh location in the Berlin-based law firm with his team.

Johannes Franke

Johannes Franke

An associate and some team members are changing with Franke. The bridgehead in Lower Saxony is the seventh office to close a geographical gap between the West German locations in Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Cologne and the East German locations in Leipzig, Dresden and Berlin. Franke expects synergies from this step.

Voigt Salus looks after over 2,000 corporate insolvencies in which creditors are pursuing claims totaling over 3.8 billion euros. A total of around a dozen lawyers now work there. Larger proceedings recently often reached the law firm outside of the headquarters, for example at Logistics and transport service provider Rühmann in Leipzig. The insolvency proceedings for the Austrian airline Niki last made headlines in Berlin in 2017.

Johannes Franke has been active with his law firm for over 25 years and is appointed in insolvency proceedings by various courts in Lower Saxony between Hanover and Göttingen. His mostly medium-sized processes in those years included Görtz paper and plastic processing, RKR Verdichtertechnik and Einbecker die casting. (Ludger Steckelbach)


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