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Hani Al-Nazer: Give your children the triple vaccine that “reduces the incidence of corona”

by world today news

The Ministry of Health and Population advised parents to pay attention to all vaccinations that protect against diseases, as Dr. Hani Al Nazer, a consultant in dermatology and the former head of the Research Center, confirmed through a scientific study that the triple vaccination “measles, rubella and mumps” reduces diseases.

Hani Al-Nazer advises mothers to give their children the triple vaccination to “reduce the incidence of corona”

It is also mentioned that this analysis is given to all young children and that this results in greatly reducing the severity and severity of the symptoms of the Coronavirus, and this was interpreted as making the children less infected with the Coronavirus.

Al-Nazer emphasized that this vaccination is provided by Egypt to all children, and all mothers must make sure to give all vaccinations that are provided and presented through the Ministry of Health, including the triple vaccination.

Also, these vaccinations are offered to all students to fight worms, and they do not have any negative effects on health and must be obtained. Last year, a rumor spread about all vaccinations that are given to children.

It is also worth noting that this vaccination works to protect children from all diseases, and it has been confirmed that the Ministry of Health has provided advice to all parents in schools not to eat children, and this is for a treatment before getting vaccinated against intestinal worms, which is during the 5 days.

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