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Yesterday, the temperature in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province achieved 41.8 ° C, breaking the history of 41.6 ° C in 2013 and becoming the optimum historical extraordinary temperature because Hangzhou recorded continual meteorological observations in 1951. In accordance to the Metropolitan Categorical,The document higher temperature in Hangzhou is getting unintended implications, this kind of as weak cell mobile phone indicators.


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An crucial individual from the China Cell Hangzhou department stated: “It is a person of our most critical daily responsibilities to deal with the affect of atmospheric waveguides on communication signals.”

It is nicely known that,The atmospheric conduit is an abnormal atmospheric structure that primarily has an effect on the propagation path and variety of electromagnetic waves in the ambianceensuing in some specific propagation features of communication, detection, navigation and other techniques.

For case in point, radar has blind places of propagation and detection past the horizon and the propagation of the mobile signal is affected.

The formation of atmospheric waves is predominantly owing to the inversion of atmospheric temperature (the temperature improves with peak) and humidity (the density of h2o vapor decreases rapidly with top).

Not too long ago, Hangzhou has been impacted by subtropical superior stress and knowledgeable constant high temperatures, resulting in relatively superior humidity in the around-surface layer and dryness in the middle and higher levels.

An engineer from China Telecom Hangzhou branch mentioned:Atmospheric waveguides have reasonably large uplink interference with wireless signals, and for buyers, the most direct sensation is that the velocity of the community is not great.

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