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Hangzhou Market Supervision and Administration Bureau has issued a warning letter on the price behavior of drugs and medical supplies

Strictly crack down on illegal activities such as hoarding and price gouging

Hangzhou Daily News All medical supply operators and related units in the city:

With the introduction of related measures to optimize and regulate epidemic prevention and control in our city, Lianhua Qingwen has become a popular commodity purchased by consumers, and the price has also increased to a certain extent. In order to further standardize the market price behavior, severely crack down on illegal acts such as price hoarding and price cheating, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and a good price, in accordance with the “Price Law of the Republic Chinese People’s Republic”, “Provisions on Administrative Sanctions for Illegal Price Behavior”, “Clearly Indicated Prices and Prohibition of Price Fraud” “Regulations” and other laws and regulations, we hereby remind all medical supply operators and units related in our city the following:

1. Strictly abide by laws and regulations such as the “Price Law of the People’s Republic of China”, “Provisions on Administrative Sanctions for Price Abuse”, “Regulations on Price Indication and Prohibition of Price Fraud” and other laws and regulations, follow the principles of fairness, lawfulness and honesty, make good use of independent pricing power, and comply with laws and regulations Regulate operations, conduct fair and orderly market competition, and knowingly maintain market price order of the drug. Actively fulfill social responsibilities, take various measures to organize the supply of goods and ensure the supply of the market.

2. Not using the opportunity of epidemic prevention and control to greatly increase the selling price of medicines and medical supplies. Operators shall strictly control the price difference between purchase and sale within a reasonable range, and shall not hoard, raise prices, seek huge profits and spread rumors of price hikes.

3. Conscientiously implement the clear price marking system, and ensure that the price tags are complete, the contents of the price tag are true and clear, the handwriting is clear, the label is aligned, and the label is eye-catching. Products may not be sold at a premium to the list price and any undisclosed fees will not be charged.

4. Under laws and regulations such as the “Price Law” and the “Regulation on Administrative Sanctions for Unlawful Price Conduct”, traders who violate the rules on clearly displayed prices are sentenced to make corrections, their earnings offenses are confiscated, and a fine of less than 5,000 yuan can be imposed at the same time; a maximum fine of 500,000 yuan can be imposed; a fine of up to 3 million yuan can be imposed on those who fabricate and disseminate information on price increases, drive up prices, hoard and promote commodity prices rise too fast and too high; Those who cause a relatively large increase in commodity prices can be fined up to 5 million yuan.

5. The city market supervision department will further strengthen the supervision, inspection and price inspection of medical and pharmaceutical supplies, and will seriously investigate and address price violations that disrupt the market price order such as the hoarding, manufacturing and disseminating information about price increases and driving up prices. If the general public and all walks of life discover the above price violations, please keep relevant evidence and file a complaint by calling (0571-12345) or other channels.

After this reminder is issued, all medical supply operators and affected units should carefully follow the above reminders and warnings, actively carry out self-examination and rectification, and further adjust their pricing behavior. For illegal acts that are not rectified after being reminded and warned, the market surveillance department will treat them seriously in accordance with the law, and publicly expose typical cases with serious circumstances.

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