[Hang Seng Index Night Market]The night market closed down 86 points and 114 points low. China’s concept stocks enthusiastic about Tencent Music rose 21% (constantly updated)

Beishui reached a new high. With a net inflow of nearly 26.6 billion yuan, Hong Kong stocks soared more than 700 points and approached the 300 million mark. The Hang Seng Index rose more and more throughout the day. It once rose nearly 1,000 points, and finally rose 779 points to close at 29,642 points, with a turnover of 301.6 billion yuan, breaking the peak of the Hong Kong stock market era in 2015.Meituan (03690)
Up nearly half; HSBC (00005)
AIA (01299)
Rose more than 4%; Sunny (02382)
Rose nearly 8%.Tencent (00700)
After hitting a new high, it fell 0.3%.

U.S. stocks rose sharply, but the Hang Seng Index fell during the night session of U.S. stocks, closing at 29,528 points, down 86 points, about 100 points lower.

China‘s concept stocks are hot:

Shares Closing report (USD) Luffing
Tencent Music 26.86 +20.9%
Learn from 65.96 +10.7%
Xiaopeng Motors 53.88 +12.7%
Bilibili 127.88 +4.3%
Baidu 250.42 +4.8%
Pinduoduo 168.79 +4.7%
Yixian E-commerce 20.00 +8.2%
ADR Hong Kong dollar Compared to Hong Kong’s closing price
HSBC ADR 43.41 -0.9%
Tencent ADR 665.95 +1.7%
Alibaba stocks 243.89 -0.1%
NetEase US Stocks 170.71 +1.9%
JD stocks 353.32 +0.3%

U.S. stocks are constantly updated, please see for details【Next page】

Focus stocks: multiple pictures to explain key news

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[ShiSircommentedontheHongKongStockExchange (00388)
+To promote CICC today (03908)

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Market trend:

[03:00]The night market fell 86 points and closed at 29528 points, 114 points lower.

[22:50]The night market fell by 80 points and 108 points lower.

[22:33]US stocks opened, the Dow rose 253 points to 31067 points. The Hang Seng Index fell 65 points overnight to 29549 points, 93 points lower.

【22︰16】[Tencent stock price]Tencent Zhang Xiaolong: 1.09 billion users open WeChat every day and Lunar New Year will broadcast live New Year greetings

[21:33]The Hang Seng Index rose 16 points overnight to 29630 points, 12 points lower.

[20:45]The night period rose 44 points to 29658 points, and the high water was 16 points.

[20:04]The Hang Seng Index rose 76 points overnight, 48 points higher. JD.com (US: JD) and Alibaba (US: BABA) US stocks rose 3.1% and 2.7% before the market.

【20︰02】MTR set aside 1.4 billion yuan for the Shazhong line, expected a net loss of about 4.8 billion yuan last year

【20:01】Hong Kong Monetary Authority: Strive for Licaitong in the existing framework and expect strong two-way capital flow

[18:56]The Hang Seng Index rose 43 points at night to 29657 points, 15 points higher.

[17:50]The Hang Seng Index rose 54 points overnight to 29668 points, 26 points higher.

[16:30]The spot-month index futures closed at 29614 points, up 778 points or 2.7%, and 28 points lower.

[16:10]The Hang Seng Index rose 779 points to close at 29642 points, with a turnover of 301.6 billion yuan.Meituan (03690)
Up nearly half; HSBC (00005)
AIA (01299)
Rose more than 4%; Sunny (02382)
Rose nearly 8%.Tencent (00700)
After hitting a new high, it fell 0.3%.

[16:00]Hang Seng Index rose 767 points to 29630 points before U disk.

[15:54]The Hang Seng Index rose about 800 points to 29665 points.

【15:51】HSBC (00005)
Rise more than 4%, try again this morning’s high of 43.9 yuan.

[15:38]The end of the big city rose about 730 points to 29594 points, with a turnover of 269 billion yuan.

【15:03】Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00388)
The rate of increase narrowed to 3.8%, struggling to hold at the 500 yuan mark. This morning it reached a new high of 525 yuan.

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[15:00]Mainland stock markets fell, Shanghai Stock Exchange fell 0.8%; Shenzhen Stock Exchange fell nearly 1.7%; ChiNext Index fell nearly 2.1%.

[14:51]Hong Kong stocks’ gains narrowed to 500 points to 29363 points.

【14:50】China Bolton (03318)
Rose 40%, broke the top and reached 4.15 yuan; Think Moore (06969)
It rose more than 4%, breaking the top and reaching 77.9 yuan. China‘s largest e-cigarette manufacturer and well-known e-cigarette brand “RELX” parent company Fogcore Technology (US: RLX) will be listed on the US stock market on Friday (22nd).

[E-cigarette]Cigarette stocks break through the top of strong Cimor, China Bolton soars 54%, benefited from the listing of REC’s parent company on US stocks on Friday

[14:40]BYD Electronics (00285)
It rose more than 10%, reaching 50.5 yuan. BYD Electronics was honored to be selected as a foundry, with over 50 million foundries.

[Transferred stocks]BYD Electronics reportedly became a Glory foundry. The stock price surpassed 12%

【14︰23】Xiaomi once rose 8% and almost completely covered the decline, 1400 buying orders at 31 yuan price, buying team sweeping goods

[14:04]The market’s gains further narrowed to 575 points to 29,438 points. Hong Kong stocks rose nearly 1,000 points this morning, which means that the market’s high has fallen by 400 points.

【14:02】Hong Kong TV (01137)
The decline widened to more than 6%, as low as 15.2 yuan. HKTVMall and Japantown announced earlier the establishment of an online “flower market” and a small “flower market”. According to the latest news, the Hong Kong government authorities and flower farmers have been discussing it, and now they prefer to hold the Lunar New Year Fair at the original location, but the opening hours have been shortened to 9 pm.

[14:00]Tencent (00700)
This morning, it reached a high of 673.5 yuan and hit a new listing high, but it reversed the market in the afternoon and fell by nearly 0.5%, reaching a low of 652.5 yuan.

[13:57]Mainland real estate stocks rise, China Overseas (00688)
Rose more than 4%; Rundi (01109)
Rose more than 9%; Evergrande (03333)
Rose more than 12%; Sunac (01918)
Rose more than 7%; Country Garden (02007)
Rose more than 6%; Agile (03383)
Rose more than 4%.

【13:55】Singapore Food (08496)
Afternoon lottery Gosei, Takami 0.78 yuan.

[13:51]Hong Kong stocks’ gains in the afternoon narrowed to about 650 points, at the level of 29500 points.

[13:13]Aishuo Holdings (08341)
The latest decline was 70%, to a low of 0.122 yuan.

【13:08】Hengda (03333)
In the afternoon, the stock price rose 17% to reach 17.5 yuan.

[13:06]Aishuo Holdings (08341)
In the afternoon, there was a sudden drop of 30% to a low of 0.28 yuan, with a turnover of 130 million yuan.

【13:06】Sunny (02382)
Rose more than 8%, breaking the top to reach 225 yuan; AAC (02018)
Also rose by half.

[13:00]Hong Kong stocks rose nearly 900 points in the early afternoon, and the Hang Seng Index rose 894 points; reported 29757 points.

【13︰00】Does Beishui buy Hong Kong stock ETFs regardless of the price?Newly established “Southbound Trading 50” ETF daily limit

[12:32]The Hang Seng Index rose 966 points to 29789 points during the black period.

【12︰15】China property stocks force Hengda Rundi to rise more than 10% in half a day, forming a new normal in the index industry


<video muted=”” playsinline=”” class=”aws-video” id=”player-2856236-2843737″ style=”max-width:100%” controls=”” preload=”none” data-article=”2856236″ data-source=”028″ data-rel=”2843737″ data-filename=”2843737_1609987184447_moneytalk0104.mp4″ data-thumbnail=”20210104_MoneyTalk_thumb.jpg” data-length=”1818″ data-videoprogram=”ET財智Talk” data-videotitle=”【ET財智Talk】跟「北水」買舊撈新!滙豐劉紹文教路2021新舊經濟股選股策略” />

【12︰10】China Securities Regulatory Commission Liang Fengyi: With more US listed Chinese concept stocks returning to Hong Kong, Southbound trading capital is expected to continue to grow; Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00388)
Meituan (03690)
Rise 6% to a new high; Evergrande (03333)
Rose more than 16%.

【11:52】HSBC (00005)
It rose nearly 4% to reach 43.9 yuan.

【11:48】Hong Kong TV (01137)
After breaking the top this morning and reaching 17.02 yuan, the stock price bucked the market and fell nearly 4% to a low of 15.34 yuan.

[11:40]Hong Kong stocks rose more and more, rising by 900 points before the market close at noon.

[11:32]The mainland stock market was weak in the half-day, the Shanghai Stock Exchange fell less than 1 point in the half-day; the Shenzhen Stock Exchange fell nearly 0.8%; the ChiNext index fell nearly 0.8%.

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[11:31]The market rose more than 800 points to 29682 points, up 819 points.

[11:26]The Hang Seng Index rose to approximately 760 points, rising to 29,600 points, with a turnover of 137.4 billion yuan.

【11︰20】Chinese brokerage stocks rose across the board, gold rose more than 10% to break the top

【11︰11】Goldman Sachs iPhone12 non-“super cycle” continues to be bearish on Apple’s but Hong Kong concept stocks rose by 15%, BYD Electronics

[10:49]The index rose nearly 3.2% to 9404 points, reaching a record high of 9456 points.

【10︰48】Weimob rose more than 10% to break the top, see the latest forecasts of various banks

【10:42】Smore (06969)
Rising 8%, the share price broke the top and reached 77.9 yuan.

[10:39]The market’s latest transaction has exceeded 100 billion yuan, reaching 100.7 billion yuan.

[10:37]Hong Kong stocks rose 646 points to the 29500 level.

【10:31】Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00388)
On the other hand, the stock price rose more than 7% to reach 525 yuan.

[10:24]The Hang Seng Index rose 700 points and broke through the 29,500 point level.

【10:24】Meituan (03690)
The increase expanded to more than half, reaching a new high of 343.6 yuan.

[10:20]Hong Kong stocks rose further to 600 points, to 29463 points.

[10:19]Goldin Financial (00530)
It bucked the market and fell more than 3%. Goldin Financial clarified about the impact of the buyer’s notification of the termination of the provisional sale and purchase agreement on December 28 last year. The board of directors stated that the termination of the sale and purchase agreement will not affect the sale agreement or the sale of the property through the sale of pledged shares pursuant to it.

[10:06]Hong Kong stocks rose nearly 550 points, with a turnover of 65.7 billion yuan.

[10:02]Auto stocks fell against the market, Geely (00175)
Brilliance (01114)
Fell more than 1%; Changqi (02333)
,Guangzhou Automobile (02238)
Fell more than 3%; as for BYD (01211)
Rose 0.8%.

【10:00】HSBC (00005)
Rose 2% to reach 42.9 yuan; AIA (01299)
It rose 3% and broke the top to reach 107.6 yuan.

[09:57]Hong Kong stocks rose more than 500 points, and the Hang Seng Index rose 513 points to 29376 points.

[09:52]Evergrande (03333)
It rose by half to reach 15.9 yuan. Evergrande announced that it has arranged its own funds of 16.545 billion Hong Kong dollars to repay the principal and interest of the 16.545 billion Hong Kong dollars convertible bonds due in 2023 on February 10, 2021, and the redeemed convertible bonds will be cancelled. .

[Three Red Lines]Evergrande spends 18.3 billion to repay the bonds due in 2023 ahead of schedule and is “full of confidence” in the annual fall of 150 billion in debt

[09:51]The index rose 2.6% to 9354 points, hitting 9390 points and setting a new record.

[09:47]The uptrend of the broad market rebounded, with the Hang Seng Index rising about 350 points to reach the level of 29,200 points.

[09:45]GAC (02238)
It bucked the market and fell more than 3% to as low as 8.17 yuan. GAC recently announced a breakthrough in its electric vehicle technology launched during the year. It can have a range of 1,000 kilometers and complete charging of 80% in 8 minutes. However, it was questioned by an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. GAC officially announced on Monday to clarify that “fast charging” and “long battery life” The characteristics of the battery will be reflected in the two kinds of batteries, not on the same battery.

[Electric Vehicles]GAC was questioned by an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and dropped 8%. GAC clarified that “1000km” and “8-minute fast charge” are two types of batteries

[09:43]Xiaomi (01810)
The stock price continued to rebound by more than 6%, reaching a high of 31.95 yuan.

[New Economy Stocks]Tencent Meituan once broke the top, Xiaomi soared 6%, the index broke 9,300 points in consecutive days

【09:42】Ima International (00585)
It rose by more than 70% and broke the top to reach 1.4 yuan. Imagi International announced that it expects a profit of no less than 260 million yuan for the year ending last year, and a loss of 160 million yuan for 2019.

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[09:39]Evergrande Property (06666)
It continued to rise by more than 6%, breaking the top and reaching 16.9 yuan. Evergrande Property held a military order swearing conference a few days ago, and set two major assessment goals: (1) increase and expand the area under management by 30 million square meters each month this year, and (2) increase in quarterly net profit over the entire year of last year.

【09:38】Meituan (03690)
It rose 4%, reaching a record high of 340 yuan.

【09:36】Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00388)
Shou 6%, Takami 515 yuan Niitaka.

[HKEx stock price]The HKEx rose above the 500-change brown base stock Beishui, which clearly chased in yesterday

【09:36】HSBC (00005)
It rose 1.6% to reach 42.75 yuan. HSBC Chairman Mark Tucker said that he would follow the regulatory guidelines to normalize the dividend as soon as possible and hope that the dividend will return to a sustainable level.

[AFF]HSBC HSBC Du Jiaqi: Hope to resume dividends as soon as possible

[09:35]Hong Kong stocks rose to 29,300 points.

[09︰34]GCL-Poly (03800)
It continued to rise by 10%, breaking the top and reaching 1.88 yuan.

[09:33]Tencent (00700)
Early stage 2%, Takami 673.5 yuan New high.

[Tencent stock price]Tencent hits another record high 16% since the new year, surging its target price to 720 yuan

【09:32】Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00388)
It rose 4%, surpassed the level of 500 yuan, and hit a record high of 503 yuan.

[09:31]Hong Kong stocks rose nearly 400 points in the early session, and the Hang Seng Index rose 395 points to 29258 points.

[09:26]Mingyuan Cloud (00909)
It fell 4.1% against the market and opened at 51 yuan, with a turnover of 1.46 billion yuan.

[09:25]MediWeikang (02159)
It was first listed at 4 yuan, 33.3% higher than the IPO price of 3 yuan.

[09:22]Hong Kong stocks rose above 29,000 points, and the HSI opened at 29,100 points, up 237 points.Meituan (03690)
Xiaomi (01810)
Rose 2%; Alibaba (09988)
Tencent (00700)
Rose more than 1%.

[09:13]The spot-month index futures opened at 28,985 points, up 149 points or 0.5%.

[09:05]The People’s Bank of China carried out a reverse repurchase operation of RMB 80 billion. As the reverse repurchase of RMB 5 billion expired, it realized a net investment of RMB 75 billion on the same day.

[08:45]The Hang Seng Index rose to 29,000 points in the black period, or 191 points to 29,015 points, while the Dow Futures rose 126 points to 30,846 points.

【08:25】Modern Animal Husbandry (01117)
After issuing a positive profit alert, Modern Dairy announced that it expects that the group will record a profit of no less than RMB 700 million for the year ending December 2020, including a one-time net income from the sale of assets that can be injected into the joint venture company. A total of approximately RMB 72 million, with a year-on-year growth of not less than 100%.

[Profit alert]Modern Dairy issued a positive alert with an annual profit of not less than 700 million yuan

[07:30]The US market was closed for the Martin Luther King Day on Monday. European stock markets generally rose. The German DAX index rose 60 points or 0.4% to close at 13,848 points; the French CAC index rose 5 points or 0.1% to close at 5617 points. British stocks fell, and the FTSE 100 Index fell 15 points or 0.2% to 6720 points.

The Hang Seng Index night market closed well, closing at 28,934 points, up 98 points, 71 points higher.HSBC (00005)
The London share price was quoted at 42.44 yuan, up 0.39 yuan or 0.9%.

U.S. stocks closed, European stocks rose 98 points to the Hang Seng Index overnight

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