Handball scandal in the Bundesliga: Spanner filmed handball players in the shower – sports mix

Disgusting tensioner scandal in the women’s handball Bundesliga (HBF)!

In September, before their game against Bietigheim, the Buchholz 08-Rosengarten team discovered strange dummy switches in their own changing room shower.

What was behind it: a camera!

A total of three dummy switches were placed in the shower by an unknown person. The club immediately alerted the police, who then found the tension switch in the guest cabin.

The incident has only now been made public for investigative reasons by the police.

The police are now investigating a 55-year-old from Harburg (Buchholz district), who had access to the home game hall around the women’s home games.

Buchholz Managing Director Sven Dubau to BILD: “I’m still shocked and I hope that the person will be convicted.”

Dubau continues: “Since then we have been taking a tour of the hall and inspecting the hall. We also have two watchers so that people who don’t belong there can’t get in.”

Although the accused denies the allegations, the officers were able to secure evidence during a search of the apartment.

It is still unclear whether the Spanner scandal was a one-off event or whether the cameras had already been installed for previous games.


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