Handball: Ivry and Chartes secure maintenance, Istres relegated, Chambéry strengthens fourth place.

Julien Meyer (Chartres Metropole Handball)

At the start of this penultimate day, Ivry and Chartes made a big move on the outside to ensure maintenance. Istres is condemned to the descent following its defeat in Toulouse. In the last meeting, Chambéry secures its fourth place with a success over Limoges.

Toulouse ensures its last at home

The locals will quickly take control of this meeting, inflicting a 3-0 in just 2 minutes. Applying their fast game and mounting the ball very well, the start of this match left few opportunities for the Istreans (8-3,8′). Taking advantage in particular of a shortage of saves from the opposing goalkeepers (1 save in 30 minutes), the Fenix will lead the pace of this first period. Despite some flashes from the Istrean attack, these will not be enough to return and the visitors return to the locker room largely led (20-15, 30′).

The second period resumes on the same bases with two teams offering a game that is still just as fast. The defenses are more lax than in the first period and leave many gaps, quickly exploited by both teams. Always very prominent, the Italian pivot Andrea Parisini (8 buts) continues his harvest of balls, being very solicited by his attack (27-22, 44′). Already in the hard, Istres will have to finish his match without his right-back, Alexander Marquez, out injured. The shortage of saves by the Istrean goalkeepers continues in this second half, allowing the Fenix to easily detach well before the end of this meeting. Managing their advance perfectly and thanks to several parades of Jeff Letten (11 parades), the end of the match will not see the Istreans return to this game (37-32, score final).

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Filip Ivic and Chambéry have Limoges

Unlike the first match, this one started later. It was the guards who made the show for several minutes and in particular Filip Ivic. These various parades will have allowed the Savoyards to get into their game and score the first goals of this meeting (3-1, 6′). The many losses of balls of the limougeauds will allow chamber to fly to the bulletin board. But the advantage will only be short-lived, the various counter-attacks of the visitors will reduce the score to a small goal. Just before the break and thanks to several achievements by Iosu Gonithe locals will return to the locker room with a more comfortable lead (16-12, 30′).

Still as decisive as in the first period, Filip Ivic (18 parades) continues to disgust the opposing attackers and compensates for the numerous ball losses of his team. However, the various shots missed by the Savoyards allow the visitors not to be dropped in this meeting, remaining three units apart (24-21, 46′). Led to the score, the fate persists on Limoges since Tomislav Kusan will be expelled from the meeting, the latter having been temporarily excluded for the third time. Author also of a very beautiful part, Sebastian Skube will come to ensure the victory of his family and thus consolidate their fourth place (31-27, score final).

Big blow from Chartres to Dunkirk

AT Dunkirk, Chartres has left no gift and imposes itself quite easily. At the start of the match, the Dunkirks often try to play with their pivot Gabriel Song, without necessarily being successful. Ball losses benefit the visitors who take the advantage. They spin the ball well to the winger Svetlin Dimitrov, already author of 4 goals (5-7, 7′). Chartres produced a fast and effective game against Northerners in difficulty defensively and offensively. Julien Meyer is already at 5 stops and 38% efficiency. At the shoot, the Chartrains are on a very big 16 out of 19 (10-16, 21′). Samir Bellahcene makes his first stops at the end of this first act. His teammates take the opportunity to pick up two lengths on the scoreboard (15-19, MT).

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The Euréliens restarted in the best possible way over the last thirty minutes against Dunkirk who remained clumsy in front of goal. The score is largely in favor of the 12th after more than 40 minutes (18-26, 41′). Pushed by their public, the locals show themselves better in the game, but come up against a wall named Meyer, author of 12 saves over the whole match. The score is largely in favor of Chartres at the buzzer (29-39, FDM). Two important points that allow teammates to Outside Ilic (8 goals) and Vadim Gayduchenko (7 goals) to ensure their maintenance.

Ivry ensures its maintenance

Second straight win for Ivry, which allows them to hang, once again, the maintenance. Ile-de-France residents very quickly took the game on their own. Simon Uncles gives his team a three-goal lead (2-5, 10′). The goals are linked in this frantic encounter. Twelve goals are scored for a score of 6-6. The first period is rather balanced. After picking up the score, Cesson-Rennes takes advantage thanks to the achievements of Junior Tuzola Then Matheo Briffe (10-8, 17′). After scoring a goal, Ivry sets his time-out. A wise decision with seven goals scored afterwards for two conceded and a +4 advantage (12-16, 28′). Arnaud Tabarand made two saves and Cesson came back to two goals at the break (14-16, 30′).

The Ivryans come back from the locker room to take a small mattress in advance. Wael Chatti again brings the goal difference to +4 (14-18, 32′). In the fight to maintain, the visitors leave no crumbs to their opponents and increase their lead. With just over 10 minutes to go, the gap looks comfortable on a 7-yard throw converted by Milos Bozovic then a new realization ofUncles. The teammates of Mate Sunjic, author of 18 saves at 44% efficiency, ensure their end of the match for a resounding success 23-30 in Brittany. This victory combined with the defeat of Istres definitely ensures the maintenance in the first division!

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