Handball club damaged by more than 100,000 euros ?: TBV Lemgo: Court negotiates ten-year-old infidelity case – Detmold

The Detmold district court has been trying since Wednesday to shed light on opaque financial transactions that are said to have taken place about ten years ago. The fact that the case is only now coming to court should also be due to the fact that the public prosecutor’s office could not find the defendant Roland K. (61) earlier.

The 61-year-old, who was silent on the first day of the trial, is accused of inciting fraud and infidelity. In 2010 he is said to have contacted the then TBV managing director Volker Z. and negotiated several contracts with him. To this day, the Detmold public prosecutor’s office cannot see what benefit the TBV should have drawn from these contracts.

Specifically, the accused is said to have brought a man named Olaf S. to found a sham company. The sales tax number and commercial register number of other companies were stated on their letterhead. Then this alleged consulting firm is said to have sent TBV Lemgo monthly invoices for a total of 74,000 euros, the payment of which the association is said to have instructed. Prosecutor Kristoffer Mergelmeier said the money should have benefited the defendant.

In addition, the defendant is said to have supplied the financially troubled handball club with a new telephone system for around 97,000 euros – but only on paper, because the system did not exist. An unsuspecting leasing company is said to have paid 97,000 euros for the system to the accused and from then on received monthly leasing payments of up to 2000 euros from TBV Lemgo. Roland K. is said to have practiced this method of “leasing without goods” earlier.

The public prosecutor’s office hopes that Volker Z., who has been summoned as a witness for Wednesday, can say something about the background to the business. Z. was sentenced to a fine of 14,400 euros in this matter in 2015 for breach of trust by a penalty order, i.e. without a trial. The public prosecutor said at the time that Z. had not gotten rich.

In front of the Detmold regional court, defense attorney Jan Lam claimed on Wednesday that Z. got away with a comparatively mild sentence because he wrongly incriminated his client. Volker Z., German champion, vice world champion and European champion, works in Berlin today.

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