Handball. Caen achieves a great performance at Pontault-Combault

Mathias Créteau scored the winning goal at Pontault. (© AC / Sport in Caen)

It was long overdue, it is all the more beautiful! Caen Handball clinched its first away win of the season on Friday, November 19, 2021, its first also against a well-ranked Proligue team.

He managed to dominate Pontault-Combault with a small goal at the end of a breathtaking scenario (26-27). In front for almost all of the match, the Vikings were scared when the score went from 15-21 in their favor (40 ′) to 26-25 for Pontault in the money time (57 ′). They then found the resources to equalize by Evaris Muyembo, score the winning goal via Mathias Créteau twenty seconds from time and make a last stop almost on the buzzer.


CAEN: Muyembo 7, Allais 4, Langevin, Mancelle 7, Créteau 4, Lagier Pitre 1, Guillard 1, Trottet, Deschamps 1, Lakbi 2, Slassi 1. GB: Santos 17/41, Portat 0/1.

“The first satisfaction is the debauchery of energy conceded by the group,” emphasizes Roch Bedos. This is a very interesting point. We hadn’t shown that yet. Our weak times were always destructive for us, they were less so this time around. We won with a lot of heart and a little quality handball. When handball was less qualitative, we put more heart into it. “

Alan Santos decisive

Caen posted new resources. This time, he didn’t collapse when Pontault took the lead as victory stretched out his arms to him. “There are players who are stabilizing, players who are progressing gradually”, appreciates Roch Bedos. This is probably the case of Evaris Muyembo, scorer of seven goals, Jordan Allais and Mathias Créteau, but more certainly Alan Santos de Lima. His 17 saves, including 12 in the second half, were decisive.

A goalkeeper who makes saves changes a game. These are goals that we do not take and balls to exploit in counterattack.

Roch BedosCoach of Caen Handball

This fourth success is an excellent operation for Caen, now ninth with five points ahead of the red zone. ” These are important points, in a somewhat complex atmosphere. We managed to stand up and keep our nerves strong. It’s very interesting for the future in a championship crazy. Anyone can beat anyone except Ivry who has a lot of reserve. “

“To be more hungry”

The leader has lost only once and Caen does not play in the same court. But his performance in the Paris region made Roch Bedos say that we must “be hungrier than that”.

You need to get your appetite when you eat a little more. We must do a little more violence. When we hurt ourselves a little more, we can titillate the bigger ones.

Roch BedosCoach of Caen Handball

The Caen must not forget the priority: keep their excellent momentum against direct opponents. ” We are taking a little lead on Valencia, which we face next week. Achieving an exploit at Pontault-Combault must be confirmed. We must continue in the state of mind displayed this evening. “

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