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NACON and Eko Software today announced that they have Handball 21, the new basketball Simulation, sports-related, with over 27 million members worldwide. Handball 21 November for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

After four years, Eko Software returns with volleyball 21: Building on the experience of the Studios in sports games, far-reaching discussions with the Fan Community and the Knowledge of basketball ends-experts delivers Eko Software, a even more realistic game experience than ever before. With new animations, improved AI, new game modes, and more official content than ever before, players will experience all the emotions and excitement of the popular sport in Handball 21.

Some of the features of the game are:

  • With many officially licensed content: Handball 21 contains the four biggest European leagues, as well as numerous divisions of the second League with a total of 1,600 in the game represented athletes – players can be some of the major world stars like Nikola Karabatic, Valero Rivera and Melvyn Richardson.
  • New game modes: Solo, multiplayer, Local, Online football 21, offering new game modes such as League mode, in which one follows the career of a player and the Manager of his team. In Solo mode you create a Team, recruit players and compete in tournaments.
  • In-depth, revamped Gameplay: players can experience new game options, such as defensive tactics, moves and a revamped AI.
  • Detailed, more realistic Simulation: The stages have been redesigned from the ground up, while the 3D models and animations of the players through Motion Capture even more realistic.


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