Hand World Cup .. Qatar topples Argentina and set a date with Sweden

The Qatari national team won a precious victory over its Argentine counterpart in the match that brought them together, yesterday, Monday, in the final third round of Group B competitions for the main round of the World Handball Cup.

To snatch the World Cup quarter-finals qualification card, the Qatari team needed to beat its Argentine counterpart, on condition that the title-holder and the leader of the group beat its Croatian counterpart, which was achieved after Qatar defeated Argentina by one goal (26-25), and Denmark won Over Croatia, with a score of 38-26.

The Qatari national team qualified for the second group and hit a date in the quarter-finals with Sweden, the leader of Group Four.

On the other hand, the Danish team, the leaders of Group B in the quarter-finals, will face the Egyptian team, who finished runner-up behind Sweden in Group D.

In the rest of the quarter-final matches, the Spanish team will face Group A leaders Norway and the runners-up of Group Three, while the Hungarian national team and the first group runners will face France, the leaders of Group C.

Egypt will host the 27th edition of the Handball World Cup, with the participation of 32 teams for the first time in the history of the World Cup, between January 13 and January 31, without a public presence due to the circumstances of the Corona epidemic.


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