Hana Zagorová will not just return to the stage: She admitted…

Singer Hana Zagorová has been struggling a lot with her health in recent years. First she was knocked down by a covid, then she collapsed due to a long-term blood disease and spent some time in the hospital. Over time, it seemed that Hana Zagorová was in full force and would soon return to the podium, but now she admitted another illness that prevents her from performing in front of crowds of fans.

The fans hoped that they would finally see Hanička Zagorová return to the stage, but a few days ago the singer issued a press release stating that she still did not feel like touring. Hana Zagorová has had to deal with various health problems lately, when it finally seemed that the ailments were gone and the singer would be able to unwrap it on stage again, as she was used to, breaking several vertebrae. As she admitted in a television magazine Showtimesuffers from osteoporosis.

He is treated at home

Osteoporosis causes a loss of bone mass and therefore leads to thinning of the bones. These are then much more prone to breakage. “I broke three vertebrae. Then another one above them, “revealed the legendary singer, how she is at the moment. Due to fractures, she has to wear a corset to fix her spine. “I’m still in the corset, but it’s better, I must say. So I’m glad, but it’s still not it, “she said with a smile, bringing at least some good news to the fans.

Time is definitely not wasted

Even though Hanička Zagorová is in home treatment, she definitely doesn’t just hang out. Although she admits that she spends a lot of time in bed because she simply has to, she has started preparing a new record. “I already have seven songs and some of them are really, very beautiful, so I’m really looking forward to it,” the singer rejoiced.

Of course, Hana Zagorová is most looking forward to being able to perform in front of her fans again. But her admirers and herself will have to wait a while longer. “When it looks good, when I deliver the performance I’m used to, I’ll run and be there. So far, I have to say it’s not up and running, ”added Hana Zagorová.

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