Hana Zagorová delighted the fans: It is blooming again!

During the pandemic, the singer contracted the covid-19 virus and has been plagued by unpleasant consequences ever since. And in addition to a lifelong blood sickness that requires him to be transfused twice a week, he now suffers from osteoporosis. Bone loss developed into a painful injury, she broke four vertebrae, so she has to wear a corset. No wonder her supporters began to worry about her.

Hana Zagorová openly: Another disease is taking its toll!

“I have to be in bed a lot, but I’ve already started preparing the record,” she revealed Hanička song in a recent interview for Primitive Showtime. And that she spends time outside the bed, where her husband lovingly takes care of her Stefan Margita (65), she has now managed on a social network. “… and this year’s clematis has already begun! That’s beautiful, isn’t it? ”She wrote at the moment, which was taken on the balcony of her house, where she stands next to the blooming flowers of climbing flamingos.

Hanka Zagorová turned out over time: He sent a message to the creators of his musical!

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