Han Dong-hoon refutes “due to lack of inspection” to the point of delay in handling the case

Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon has countered recent criticism that the prosecution’s handling of public life cases has been delayed “due to lack of inspection.”

Minister Han said, “I want to make the investigation into people’s livelihoods really strong,” when it was pointed out that “the general criminal proceedings, complaints and prosecutions are overdue.” It is difficult to directly investigate people’s livelihoods due to lack of control. ”

Minister Han also explained that the newly installed fitness center in the office building during the days of former Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae was “already available for men and women, so we decided to change it to an employee lounge. because we thought it was a useless waste. ”

This space, which was created last year under the direction of former minister Choo, has been criticized as being an exclusive space for the minister as two treadmills and yoga mats are installed.

In response to this, former minister Choo said in a post on his SNS that the space was “a rest facility for female employees, and at that time, due to the corona virus, the gym was impossible to operate. so he resigned without opening the door, and never used it. ” I did it.

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