Hamilton will not be missing in the Miami GP, the FIA ​​has granted him an exemption from the jewelry ban

Thirty-seven-year-old Hamilton said before starting the business in Miami that he had at least two metal objects on his body that he could not remove, and he was ready to sign the reverse. Otherwise, he would leave his place to a substitute rider.

“It’s all terrible pettiness. I’ve been in this sport for sixteen years and I’ve been wearing jewelry at the same time. I find it useless to get into such a dispute,” Hamilton said.

The British rider is known for his fashion accessories. However, the FIA ​​requires teams to complete a safety form from the Grand Prix, confirming that riders wear non-flammable underwear and no jewelry in the car. In the case of Hamilton, Mercedes did not confirm this before the race in the USA.

“I certainly can’t remove two of those things. I can’t even tell where one is. It’s all made of platinum, so it’s not magnetic. I’ve never had a problem with that in the past,” Hamilton said. “I’m willing to sign an exception to relieve them of them. But if they forbid me to start, so be it. We have a substitute driver and a lot of things can be done here in town,” Hamilton added.

The rule banning pilots from jewelry during races was renewed for safety reasons in 2005, but so far it has been treated benevolently. However, one of the new race directors, Niels Wittich, pointed out to the driver that he was following it.

“Wearing jewelry during a race weekend can prevent both medical interventions and subsequent diagnosis and treatment if necessary after an accident. If a medical examination is required to make a diagnosis after an accident, the presence of jewelry on the body can cause significant complications and delay, “the FIA ​​said, adding that the jewelry could also cause further injuries.

Thirty-seven-year-old Hamilton, who had previously disagreed with the rule, appeared among journalists in Miami to protest with eight rings, three watches, four chains around his neck and several earrings. The nose piercing was covered by a veil. He called the regulation a “step back.”

Hamilton tried unsuccessfully to discuss the matter with FIA President Muhammad Sulayim. However, he said that he would like to be an ally rather than an adversary in this matter. “I will try to talk to him before the race,” added the winner of a record 103 Formula One races.

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