Hamilton beat Verstappen in the chaotic Formula 1 Saudi Arabian GP and they were tied for the top of the championship

The seven-time English world champion Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) achieved a great triumph this Sunday in the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, the twenty-first and penultimate of the World Cup Formula 1, which was played on the Jeddah street circuit; and reached the Dutch at the top of the championship Max Verstappen (Red Bull), who was second and both will define the title next Sunday. The podium completed it Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes).

After a long game, Hamilton placed first in front of his teammate, Valtteri Bottas (Red Bull). Behind them was Verstappen.

Until on the tenth lap the accident Mick Schumacher forced the neutralization of the race. There were no consequences to the German pilot, but his Haas was badly damaged and he had to abandon. There were yellow flags and in the neutralization the Mercedes entered the pits to change their tires where they put hard compounds, but Red Bull did not do it and with this Verstappen was the leader of the race.

However, as the TecPro defenses had to be rearmed in the area where Schumacher hit, the race was stopped with a red flag. In the second game Hamilton went ahead to the first corner, Verstappen stretched the braking and by the length of the track (paved area), surpassed the English, something that Mercedes claimed to the sports commissioners. In that maneuver Hamilton lost ground and was overtaken by Esteban Ocon (Alpine).

First start in Jeddah, before the chaos that reigned in the Saudi street circuit (REUTERS / Hamad I Mohammed)

Meters later there was another crash where Nikita mazepin (Haas) wore it on Fernando Alonso (Alpine) And the Russian smashed his Haas and in chaos, Sergio “Checo” Pérez (Red Bull) and George Russell (Williams) also tied her up and were left out. In just 15 laps of the race, four riders dropped out: Schumacher, Mazepin, Russell and Pérez.

Before the third game, the sports commissioners told Verstappen to return the position to Hamilton for having surpassed him off the track and due to that incident, the Dutchman also let Ocon pass, who remained as temporary leader. Although on the re-start Verstappen started very well and beat the French and English to finish first.

Then Hamilton tried to reduce differences with Verstappen, who had a good pace up front. Behind them was Ocon, hard-working.

What followed was a watch battle where Hamilton set two lap records in a row and fell 1.2 seconds behind Verstappen until after a virtual safety car to remove the remainder of an item from a car, Lewis went for it. when the 37th turn was completed, when he reached the first corner he met Verstappen. Meters ahead, the Dutchman dropped his speed in a surprising way and the Englishman could not avoid the touch and was left with the front right wing damaged.

Valtteri Bottas completed the podium in Jeddah (REUTERS / Ahmed Yosri)
Valtteri Bottas completed the podium in Jeddah (REUTERS / Ahmed Yosri)

Then, on the 43rd turn, Verstappen let Hamilton pass, whom he beat again, but at that moment the sports commissioners notified the Dutchman of his penalty of five seconds for another maneuver where the Dutchman circulated through an external area of ​​the track and the authorities considered that he cut off the road.

With this panorama Verstappen gave the position to Hamilton to avoid another penalty and then both fought no longer for the first position but for the lap record that provides an additional point. Lewis got that unit and by the 25 that the victory grants, he caught up with Max at the top of the championship. However, the Dutchman appears at the top because he has a victory plus 9, against 8 of his rival.

The top ten was completed by himself Ocon, of great work; Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren), Pierre Gasly (Alpha Tauri), Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), Carlos Sainz (Ferrari), Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo) and Lando Norris (McLaren). With these results, Ferrari was third in the Constructors’ World Championship.

“It was a very eventful race and the truth is that I gave everything. We had problems at the end with the tires in the last part of the race. I was in contact with him and I let him pass, I couldn’t do anything else, ”said Verstappen.

“It was very difficult because of the red flags, the interruptions. We kept pushing and getting in the car was very intense and we gave it our all, “said Bottas.

“It was incredibly difficult. We fought as hard as we could fight and tried to keep the car on the track and keep it clean. Things are changing for the better for us, ”said Hamilton. Regarding Verstappen’s maneuver when he slowed down, he maintained that “I didn’t understand his maneuver or why he moved.” About the Saudi track, he said “it’s great to drive, it has difficult parts, but we’ll see for next time.”

The victory was left to Hamilton who achieved his eighth victory of the season and one of Verstappen. The championship will be decided in Abu Dhabi in one week at the Yas Marina Circuit and Whoever wins will be the world champion. Otherwise, if none of them score points, the champion will be Verstappen because they will tie the tie by number of victories.



1- MAX VERSTAPPEN (RED BULL) 369,5 puntos


3- Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) 218 ​​points

4- Sergio Czech Pérez (Red Bull) 190 points

5- Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) 158 points


1- Mercedes 587.5 Points

2- Red Bull 559.5 Points

3- Ferrari 307.5 Points

4- McLaren 269 Points

5- Alpine 149 Points


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