Hamdi El-Wazir: A great actress, “Alaq”, hit me after a rape scene with her

The artist said Hamdi Al-WaziR, he takes into account the feeling of his colleagues while working while performing scenes of rape in cinematic works, adding that he was a great actress who struck him on the eye until he swollen during his performance of a scene of rape in one of the cinematic works, stressing that there are senior actors who cannot perform the rape scene, indicating that inspiration Shaheen played a cinematic role with him and in the film she played the role of his wife while he was taunting her in the street by beating and pulling her hair, revealing that the scene ended without Shaheen being inspired by any pain from her hair tightening and this is due to professionalism in the work being a professional actress who helped him to perform The scene is professional H.

Hamdi Al-Wazir stressed that he does not feel sad after the spread of his famous image through the social media, which is related to the scene of Hilali’s grip and refers to the scene of rape in that movie, saying “Mabzalash of the pictures has,” adding that we do not live in the utopia while we are in a society of diverse cultures, feelings and feelings , Confirming that he receives a kind of appreciation from the viewers, as he reaches the stage of honesty in performing his cinematic roles, indicating that his friends of the lawyers asked him to file a compensation case against a clothing company that uses his image on T-shirts and other companies that exploit his image as well, but he refused to file a lawsuit. Judicial in advance to them Thanks to it because it is his free publicity.

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The minister said: He went out in a demonstration against the leader Gamal Abdel Nasser after the Rogers initiative, noting that at the time of the demonstration he was recruited into the Egyptian army and the demonstration was peaceful without sabotaging, adding that he was wrong in his departure for the demonstration, because the president had a vision that he did not know who went out in The demonstrations, as this initiative was the reason behind the establishment of the missile wall that protected Egypt in 1973, continuing that after he learned the truth and circumstances of the initiative, “he estimated the situation and struck a glorification of peace for leader Gamal Abdel Nasser”, and that what happened in the crossing from the Egyptians was “a positive madness.”

The minister emphasized that the acting was not his goal, and the theater was what occupied him, and he traveled abroad to Egypt to receive many workshops in the theater, which cost him a lot of money, adding during his meeting with the journalist Ahmed Magdi on the “Cup of Coffee” program broadcast on the channel “Echo of the Country” He started his career with art while he was at Bashir Al-Deek’s house, and director Muhammad Khan entered them and offered him acting in the movie Revenge, continuing that he presented two scenes in the movie Revenge and won a prize, noting that in his first year of acting he participated in 3 films , He won awards after participating in it, and that at the beginning of his artistic work he presented artworks with senior writers and directors .

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