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Status: 04/20/2021 1:11 p.m.

The urban Hafencity GmbH wants to lead the way with a good example of climate protection: For their own office they are building a “zero-emission house” on the back of the thermal power station in the heart of Hafencity.

The five-story wooden house should not produce any CO2 during operation because large solar panels generate electricity. The excess electricity should also offset the CO2 consumption during construction. Hafencity GmbH wants to remain an eco-model, says its future boss Andreas Kleinau.

Wood should not be glued

Only the basement and ground floor of the house are to be built from very light concrete. The steel for the construction is to be obtained from recycled scrap and the facade is to be completely greened. All wood is only mortised and not glued so that it can be recycled in maybe 60 years if it is demolished. Kleinau admitted that he would never see whether it worked out: “But maybe we can say to all of our grandchildren: Tell us about whether we were right.”

AUDIO: A “zero-issuing house” for Hafencity (1 min)

Inauguration planned for 2024

Hafencity GmbH was silent about the additional costs of their “zero-issuing house”. The inauguration is scheduled to take place in 2024. The HafenCity administration plans to use half of the 7,200 square meters itself, the other offices are rented out.

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