Hamburg tattoo model wins and donates to children with cancer

Hamburg –

She is well booked as a tattoo and erotic model: Nicole from Hamburg, who wants to keep her last name to herself, lives in HafenCity and can feed on her job despite Corona. Now the 24-year-old has won a proud sum – and wants to donate a large part of it.

It is mid-December when Nicole receives an inquiry from a Brazilian film production company. She is known worldwide under the stage name “Snowwhite Inked”. She doesn’t think twice – and swaps cool Hamburg for sun, sand and sea. Shortly before take off at Hamburg Airport, she buys magazines. And … two scratch cards for three euros each.

Hamburger wins with a scratch card and donates

“I had the tickets in my handbag and not even on the slip when I arrived in Brazil,” says Nicole. That changed on December 22nd. Nicole had bought a new handbag from her fee and emptied the old one. Then she found the lots again. Bingo!

Nicole is a little star in the tattoo and erotic scene under the stage name Snowwihte Inked.

The first ticket showed a profit of just two euros after being scratched off. At the second her heart stopped: 30,000 euros profit!

The young woman cheered. She allowed herself a bottle of champagne, but immediately thought of people who are not on the sunny side of life.

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“I have been donating small amounts to social projects in Hamburg and northern Germany for years,” says the proud winner. “Now I will donate a five-figure sum of my profit. If possible to a project with children with disadvantaged health “.

Immediately after her return at the beginning of January, the tattoo model wants to receive the prize and do something good with a large part of it.

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