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HSV CFO Thomas Wüstefeld explained his restructuring plans for the Volksparkstadion to the Hamburg Parliament. Asked whether the Hanseatic city would support the financially struggling second division soccer team as a guarantor, there was a broad denial.

The refurbishment is expected to cost 33 million euros – this figure was first announced publicly by Wüstefeld, so that the stadium remains in the running as the venue for EM 2024. The club can raise ten million euros for the “first of three packages of measures “, the HSV board of directors said Thursday in the one-hour meeting, citing additional income as a reason, because in the first matches at the Volksparkstadion many more spectators of the season arrived than previously calculated .

Additional money will come in the form of a loan of tens of millions from HSV’s main sponsor, HanseMerkur. HSV needs a guarantee for this.

Millions for the refurbishment of the stadium have gone

The city of Hamburg bought the Volkspark stadium property from the traditional club two years ago for € 23.5 million. The HSV should actually use the money for the refurbishment of the stadium.

In fact, the second division club has invested millions in ongoing business operations, which were very much at a loss during the corona pandemic. The annoyance in much of the policy for HSV’s handling of the proceeds from the sale of the stadium land is therefore great.

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Wüstefeld optimistic despite the refusal

“Mr. Wüstefeld, you have told us that you are discussing a lot and that now you are also in negotiations. Let’s cross our fingers to find someone to take care of the guarantee. So that we don’t have to work on this issue yet. That would be our wish.” , cites the “Bild” the president of the citizenship budget commission, Mathias Petersen (SPD).

A decision has not yet been made, but the atmosphere in the Hamburg City Hall Ballroom has made it clear that not a penny will flow into the Volkspark. Wüstefeld, who should once again have the opportunity to provide numbers, remains optimistic. “I assume that the European Championship will also take place in Hamburg,” he said after the hearing.

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Editing: HSV players (from left) Moritz Heyer, Jean-Luc Dompé, Daniel Heuer Fernandes and Robert Glatzel © picture alliance / Witters

It is no coincidence that the Hamburgers are at the top of the table after nine days. The data clearly show their current superiority. Moreover

The situation around Wüstefeld is explosive

The mixed situation with many construction sites, on which a burdened board of directors should work, remains explosive and once again leaves sport in the background, where that Coach Tim Walter’s team has just taken the top spot.

There are huge allegations in connection with Wüstefeld’s work as a medical entrepreneur. These are lawsuits worth millions, a possible criminal complaint for breach of trust and allegedly illegally sold medical products. With file number 415 HKO 44/21, the Hamburg regional court is judging a violation of competition law.

Proof of academic qualifications presented

Hamburger SV’s CFO has always dismissed all accusations made against him. Wüstefeld defended himself against another charge in an interview with NDR on Thursday: he had presented proof of his professorship and doctoral degree internally at HSV. The “Hamburger Abendblatt” had already raised doubts about the legitimacy of academic qualifications in a report.

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Thomas Wüstefeld © Witters

While things are going well on the pitch for HSV second division leaders, the focus of the report is on CEO Thomas Wüstefeld. Moreover

Hamburg Sports Senator Andy Grote © Witters

This is the loan of 23 million euros from the main sponsor of the second division football team. Sports Senator Andy Grote also commented on billionaire Kühne’s $ 120 million bid. Moreover

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