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Hamas Fires Rockets, Wounding Seven in Kerem Shalom Area near Israel-Gaza Border

Multiple Injuries as Hamas Fires Rockets at Israel-Gaza Border

At least seven individuals have been wounded, one critically, as Hamas launched a barrage of ten rockets towards the Kerem Shalom area along the Israel-Gaza border on Sunday afternoon. The incident left the affected region in chaos and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) taking immediate action.

The IDF Closes Kerem Shalom Crossing

In the aftermath of the attack, the IDF made the decision to close down the Kerem Shalom crossing, a vital point of entry for humanitarian aid trucks into the region. This move has effectively paused the inflow of crucial aid, leaving the residents of the area in a more vulnerable state.

Furthermore, several wounded individuals were given initial medical treatment at the site before being swiftly evacuated to nearby hospitals in order to receive immediate and specialized care.

Hamas Conveys Responsibility, Details on Rockets

Hamas, the militant group governing the Gaza Strip, has claimed responsibility for the rocket fire. According to their statement, the attack was carried out by their Al-Qassam Brigades, who launched 114 mm short-range “Rajoum” rockets at the Kerem Shalom area, inflicting harm on the people residing there and the overall infrastructure.

Rockets Fired from Rafah Area

Reports from Israeli media indicate that the rockets were launched from the Rafah area. This area has been a hotspot for tensions and conflicts between Israeli forces and militant groups. The unprovoked rocket attack has further escalated the already tense situation in the region.

Following the attack, there have been reports of Israeli airstrikes in the Rafah area, according to Palestinian media. The sequence of events continues to fuel the cycle of violence between the two sides, leaving the situation precarious and the futures of civilians in both Israel and Gaza uncertain.

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