Halo saves Roy Nissany from horror crash during Formula 2 race at Silverstone

27-year-old Roy Nissany has escaped unscathed from the Formula 2 race at Silverstone. Dennis Hauger was unable to stop his car and bumped into the halo of the Israeli and with that the protective part has once again proven its value.

Formula 2 will support Formula 1 at the Silverstone circuit this weekend. Saturday was the sprint race and on Sunday the main race, over 29 laps, will be held. Nissany and Hauger clashed on the opening lap of the race when the Israeli driver forced his rival off the track on Vale’s entry.


In the second round, Nissany defended his spot against Red Bull junior Hauger. He pushed the Austrian team’s protégé onto the grass, who then lost control, making a collision inevitable. The Red Bull junior hit the curb, launching him and hitting a Nissany car. The two drivers climbed out of their cars safe and sound.


There was much commentary on the introduction of the halo. Nevertheless, the safety component has already proven its worth. During the Belgian Grand Prix in 2018 the part saved the life of Charles Leclerc when the McLaren van Fernando Alonso landed on the Monegasque. Last year, in the collision between Max Verstappen in Lewis Hamilton on Monza also crucial.

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