Halloween: George P. Wilbur dead, he froze our blood in veins

George Wilbur embodies probably the most famous Hollywood mass murderer in “Halloween VI – The Curse of Michael Myers” (1995). The actor died at the age of 81.

The US stuntman and actor George P. Wilbur is dead. He became famous with his biggest role: As Michael Myers, he made our blood run cold in the “Halloween” films.

Hollywood Mourns George P. Wilbur: The US actor and stuntman became famous for his portrayal of serial killer Michael Myers in several “Halloween” films. He died at the age of 81, as confirmed by a “Halloween” colleague.

“George P. Wilbur passed away last night,” writes Christopher Durand, also a stuntman in the “Halloween” franchise. “George, you were just amazing and you were loved a lot. We will miss you very much.”

George P. Wilbur: Great sadness for Michael Myers actor

Several stars and those behind the camera who have worked on the cult horror films have expressed their sorrow on social media. Screenwriter Daniel Farrands wrote: “It is very sad to hear of George’s passing. He was such a kind soul and a beloved member of the Halloween family.”

Musician Spencer Charnas tweeted, “RIP to one of my favorite Michael Myers actors of all time, George P. Wilbur.”

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George P. Wilbur embodied one of the most iconic horror characters in film history, slipping under the creepy mask of the Hollywood killer in “Halloween IV – Michael Myers Returns” and “Halloween VI – The Curse of Michael Myers”.

George P. Wilbur in a shirt and tie

George P. Wilbur at an event in Hollywood in 2011.

Wilbur’s career spanned six decades, he also worked on films such as Die Hard and Ghostbusters II, acted as a stuntman or stunt coordinator on cult horror films such as Poltergeist, The Exorcist III, The Silence of the Lambs ‘ and ‘Nightmare on Elm Street 5 – The Trauma’.

The stuntman began his career as a stand-in for John Wayne after working as an extra in the 1966 film El Dorado. And became a superstar among Hollywood stunt people. George Wilbur is survived by his daughter Gena. The exact background to his cause of death has not yet been announced. (mg)

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