Halle before Dynamo Duel: Cruiser: We know the meaning of the game | Sports

HFC defensive ace Niklas Kreuzer (29) played 170 times for Dynamo Dresden. He was on the ball more often for no other club. He associates joy (promotion) and sorrow (relegation) with the Saxons.

On Saturday (2 p.m.) he meets his old love and some ex-colleagues again. Kreuzer: “This is a very special club for me. At Dynamo, I went from a youth player to a seasoned professional, met a lot of friends and experienced great moments. This is not a perfectly normal game for me.”

Emotions are guaranteed and the HFC is expecting a full house. Kreuzer himself had to organize nine tickets for friends and acquaintances. The east derby will be hot and, after the false start in the league, also sportingly explosive for both teams.

Kreuzer: “Zwickau really annoyed us. And when I look into the dressing room, there is no lack of motivation. We know what the game means for the fans and we want to show what we’re made of.”

And the sympathy for the ex-club doesn’t matter. “I also have to keep a cool head. I experienced great moments at both clubs. But now I’m here in Halle and we want to celebrate our first win of the season on Saturday.”

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